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Choosing the perfect engagement rings on 2013

You’ve met the love of your life and the time has come for you to get engaged! When this happens, you’ll be faced with lots of decisions, and one of the first (and often one of the hardest) is choosing the perfect engagement ring. Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring is a daunting task, as it’s not only something you’ll wear the rest of your life, but also an everlasting symbol of your love for one another. When picking out a ring, there are many options to choose from, so to make it a little easier, we’ve broken it down to our top choices.

Engagement Ring

 Halo Engagement Rings

The Halo engagement ring is often characterized by a center stone bordered by diamonds that emphasize and maximize the look of the stone. (This is a great setting for a woman who has the “bigger is better” mentality.) While the round halo engagement ring is generally what most people think of when they imagine the style, they can also come with rectangular diamonds (emerald cut), princess cut, cushion cut, or oval diamonds too. The halo engagement ring has been popular since the 1920s, and while many feature designs reminiscent of vintage rings, this setting is anything but outdated.

Engagement Ring

 Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings

The classic solitaire engagement ring is one of the top styles of engagement rings due to its simple, elegant design. Solitaire engagement rings are uncomplicated, yet bold , often only featuring the band and one stone (typically a diamond). The purity of the diamond and the band on which it’s set make a great statement.

Engagement Ring

 Vintage Engagement Rings

The traditional style of an antique vintage engagement ring, combined with modern diamond cuts and outstanding designs, makes for an unforgettable looking engagement ring with a vintage feel. With the beautiful diamonds of today combined with antique-style settings, your bride-to-be will never stop shining bright.

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 Designer Engagement Rings

When it comes to a designer engagement ring versus a non-designer engagement ring, designers are the experts in creating unique and stylish engagement rings that are of the highest quality and will have the longest longevity. If you want something as unique and special as the love that you have for each other, ask your jeweler about the quality, service and design originality of the engagement ring you’re considering buying.

Engagement Ring

 Unconventional Engagement Rings

If you have the opposite point-of-view, or are on a budget that prohibits you from buying a designer ring, there is also the option to choose an unconventional engagement ring. Embrace a non-diamond gemstone or a ring with a unique shape. Ultimately, if a ring speaks to you and it doesn’t look like a typical engagement ring, there is one one rule above all: it’s your ring, so do what you want. The importance lies in what the ring symbolizes and the memories you create while wearing it every day.

These are just a few of the many options to choose from when picking out the perfect engagement ring. 77 Diamonds is a leading diamond e-tailor with the world’s largest collection of diamonds, check out their new collection of engagement rings.

Hopefully this post has been helpful, and I hope that you are successful in finding a ring that will help create a lifetime of memories for you and your future wife!

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The Classic Look Of A Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Emerald cut diamond rings are diamond rings that have a classic look of a rectangular stone. They feature diamonds clarity and color. Emerald cut diamond rings have a sleek and elegant design. These rings are beautiful and basically affordable.

emerald cut diamond engagement rings

Diamonds are designed, styled or cut in a variety of ways. When we talk about diamond cuts, we mean the right proportions of the diamond such as depth, width and uniformity of facets. These facets control the brilliance, durability and other features of a diamond. Remember a diamond cut does not, in any way, refer to the shape of the stone. That is why it is very important to have a good diamond cut because without it, the diamond will not sparkle even if it possesses outstanding color and clarity.

The emerald cut, the most popular cut, is an example of a rectangular cut. It is a rectangular step cut with trimmed edges. It is called step cut because its broad, flat planes resemble staircase steps. This diamond cut contains square or rectangular gem girdle outline with steps of elongated facets parallel to the girdle, also at the corners and the sets on each four sides.

The name emerald cut was derived because of the traditional usage and reference to emeralds. One of the most famous emerald cut diamond rings was worn by Lady Camilla Bowles, new wife of Prince Charles Windsor of Great Britain. This cut has a subtle and understated look with less flash ” a reflection and refraction rather than the brilliant cut of a diamond.

Emerald cut has a sophisticated appearance, which quickly led it to be a popular choice for diamonds. Emerald cut diamond rings are beautiful, and at the same time, affordable choice especially for an engagement rings. Emerald cut diamond rings are often paired with accent stones, particularly tapered baguettes and other emerald cuts due to their elongated shape.