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Contemporary Diamond Engagement Rings 2013

Contemporary engagement rings feature unique design elements for an exquisitely contemporary look. With their clean lines and graceful curves, contemporary engagement rings appeal to many brides-to-be. Whether adorned with dazzling diamond accents or completely streamlined, our collection of contemporary engagement rings is both fresh and enduring. contemporary engagement rings are wide ranging in style. They may feature bezel or semi-bezel set center gems, or even a contemporary halo design. Other contemporary design elements include wider precious metal bands, matte finishes, smooth curvatures, or channel set diamond accents.

My love for antique jewelry is well established, but I want to be sure I don’t ignore the plethora of beautiful things available from contemporary designers.

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This regal princess of a ring is by Michael M. A very high profile – I’d be worried it would always be getting snagged on things in my purse – but it’s so pretty it’s probably worth it. I know that halos are very big right now, but I think this kind of design can encompass the same ornate feel in a more unique way. Not that I don’t like halos, but there’s something to be said for variety. This versatile setting can hold almost any cut of diamond.
diamond rings, engagement ring, bride, bridal, wedding, setting

This beauty is pretty straightforward, but in a glorious way. It features a  2.49 carat cushion cut diamond (color and clarity of H/SI1) within a halo of small white diamonds. Please note how the shoulders taper slightly as they move inwards – I think that’s a really lovely detail. It lends a sense of delicacy and elegance to the ring.


diamond rings, engagement ring, bride, bridal, wedding, setting
Don’t you love a split shank? I do. I think it gives a ring such a feeling of delicacy and elegance. This setting, by Coast Diamonds, has pave all along the split shank and a six-prong head that can hold almost kind of diamond (shown here with a round brilliant cut stone).
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De Beers Adonis Rose Pink Gold ring with bezel-set marquise diamonds, pav? round brilliants and a claw-set centre solitaire. This one’s a little different and it wouldn’t be right for everyone – but I suspect that the people this is right for would utterly flip out over it.
diamond rings, engagement ring, bride, bridal, wedding, setting
This ring is a bit different from the others – even the website description calls it “petite.” A dainty, well-balanced and extremely lovely setting. I believe this one would look as beautiful with a smaller diamond as with a larger one. The center stone is flanked by two tapered diamond baguettes, which lead to round brilliant cut diamonds and millegraining along the shank. Subtle and enchanting.
diamond rings, engagement ring, bride, bridal, wedding, setting, pink, 5 carat

Graff signature pink diamond engagement ring, set with a 5.03ct cushion-cut diamond on a pink diamond rose gold band. I mean…look at it. So fabulous.

diamond rings, engagement ring, bride, bridal, wedding, setting

Isn’t this one lovely? So lyrical and delicate, with the gently twisting band of pave. It’s also by Michael M, and is shown here with a round brilliant cut center stone, although the website says that it can be set with almost any diamond shape.

Unique Designed Engagement Rings

The upcoming months are always exciting: Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year and…engagements! In case your sweetie hasn’t yet made that pivotal purchase, we’ve got some unique designed engagement rings which are perfect for the unique and style-savvy bride-to-be! Danhov is a jeweler out of Los Angeles, but their pieces are sold in retailers across the country. The line recently launched their holiday collection which is geared toward the latest trends in fine jewelry.

Colored gems and unique metals like rose gold and black rhodium are predicted to be big hits this holiday season. If your gut is telling you that a proposal is on its way, be sure to get the word out as to what style of engagement ring is right for you. Perhaps one of these hand-crafted, unique designs will be just the ticket. Donhov is known for their rings’ signature “wrap around” design which requires each and every piece to be made by hand. Here is a small tasting of Danhov’s holiday collection:

This option is a variation of Danhov’s Abbraccio ring. The unique rose gold boasts warm tones which elegantly wrap dozens of diamonds throughout the ring and setting. Style number: AE Rose Gold.

From Danhov’s Couture Collection, the Palladium ring is a prominent emerald-cut yellow sapphire ring, surrounded by a halo of diamonds. This rings is ahead of the pack in the latest trend of engagement rings featuring colored gem stones.

Another version of Danhov’s signature Abbraccio ring is a sleek platinum band wrapped around a black diamond center stone. This ring will stand out from the pack! Style number: AE Black.

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, consider the Danhov Abbraccio ring which boasts three bands of white gold fused together. The bands weave in harmony to form the brand’s signature design and circle a diamond center.

Perfect for any bride, Danhov’s original and most popular design is a serious crowd-pleaser. The Abbraccio ring in white gold has a diamond studded band which weaves around a round-cut diamond center. This ring won “best bridal ring” at JCK 2011.