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The Good Idea: Engagement Ring From Vintage Eras

Engagement rings from bygone eras of a century to fifty years old are very attractive jewelries and popular among women for their expression of romance. These rings have classical settings of diamonds or colorful gemstones, besides unique and elaborative engravings. You should buy these rings from genuine sources and have a pre-knowledge about the sound features of the rings.

If your bride-to-be is interested in the jewelries from bygone eras, then you should visit a reliable shop that is selling the antique pieces. Such shops can show you many designs of engagement rings that are antique in style and settings of diamonds or any colorful gemstones. You can make a really great choice out of the antique rings.

However, we suggest that you should first have at least a working knowledge of these antique jewelries before you enter a shop. Any lack of adequate knowledge about how to identify the real ring from the fake one can lead you to buy a replica piece at higher prices.

vintage engagement ring

So, you should take resort to Internet and search for the sites that are selling these diamond engagement rings. These sites are also a good source of education on various aspects of these jewelries. The more you read the better it is for you. Have all the tips for right buying of these jewelries.

Know that engagement rings from the bygone eras are mainly categorized as Victorian, Edwardian and Art-Deco. The duration of these antique rings ranges from 1830s to 1930s. The Victorian era rings are known for a row of diamonds on them. Another feature of these rings is that they have an extra facet on the bottom of the diamond. Though you can find pearl rings of this era but do not buy them if your woman will expose them to daily chores.

Edwardian era rings are mostly available in platinum that allow the jewelers of those days to pierce the metal for durable engravings on the ring. So, you can prefer these rings for their detailed work on the metal. Rose cut diamonds are the usual feature of these jewelries. You can also find brilliant sapphires that were very popular in the era.

The Art Deco engagement rings clearly show that the machine age has arrived in the jewelry manufacturing business by then. These jewelries are now known for the geometric looks and have fashion trends of that era. You will notice the impact of Asian, Egyptian and Native American cultures on the engravings and other features of the rings.

While purchasing the jewelry, make sure that the craftsmanship of the ring is genuine from the classic eras. Ensure that the jewelry is not a replica. If you do not have a big budget, then settle for the rings from 1930s to 1940s. In this era, the diamonds were elaborately set to make a smaller diamond appear larger in size.

Make sure that you look for the descriptions on each such piece of engagement rings. You should double ensure that the jeweler gives you in writing the description of the age, size, color, condition, carat, clarity and cut of the diamond of the ring. You should prefer those rings that come with a certification from a gemologist.