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Buying Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewelry in Hard Times

Although jewelry sales have dropped over 10% in the last year due to global economic conditions, it appears that that drop is a reflection of less people buying personal luxury items for themselves but has scarcely deterred the jewelry buyers who are in the market for a gift, or for wedding and engagement rings.

In fact, it appears that eternity ring sales are actually increasing because they serve a dual purpose of being an engagement ring and also can be used for a wedding band without having to buy a separate band or set of diamonds for engagement. It is also interesting that almost half of all gifts, even in difficult times, are jewelry, gold, silver and diamonds. And holiday season giving and personal rings for love and marriage appear to be more important than ever in times of crisis.

Guidelines You Can Follow When Choose Vintage Engagement Rings

When selecting your designer wedding rings, you may wish to have a ring for the bride which will enhance the engagement ring she is wearing. Regularly well decorated designer wedding rings may look good on but detract attention from the engagement ring so you might need to try a number of designer wedding rings to determine which suits it best.

vintage engagement rings

When two folks say their promises to remain with each other, it is clearly symbolized in the circular form of the vintage engagement rings they then place on each other’s finger. In fact, while there are customs that view the giving of the engagement ring as the last in a chain of gifts. Frequently today this older tradition is replaced by the giving of an ‘eternity’ ring to show the vows taken are forever.