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The Classic Look Of A Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Emerald cut diamond rings are diamond rings that have a classic look of a rectangular stone. They feature diamonds clarity and color. Emerald cut diamond rings have a sleek and elegant design. These rings are beautiful and basically affordable.

emerald cut diamond engagement rings

Diamonds are designed, styled or cut in a variety of ways. When we talk about diamond cuts, we mean the right proportions of the diamond such as depth, width and uniformity of facets. These facets control the brilliance, durability and other features of a diamond. Remember a diamond cut does not, in any way, refer to the shape of the stone. That is why it is very important to have a good diamond cut because without it, the diamond will not sparkle even if it possesses outstanding color and clarity.

The emerald cut, the most popular cut, is an example of a rectangular cut. It is a rectangular step cut with trimmed edges. It is called step cut because its broad, flat planes resemble staircase steps. This diamond cut contains square or rectangular gem girdle outline with steps of elongated facets parallel to the girdle, also at the corners and the sets on each four sides.

The name emerald cut was derived because of the traditional usage and reference to emeralds. One of the most famous emerald cut diamond rings was worn by Lady Camilla Bowles, new wife of Prince Charles Windsor of Great Britain. This cut has a subtle and understated look with less flash ” a reflection and refraction rather than the brilliant cut of a diamond.

Emerald cut has a sophisticated appearance, which quickly led it to be a popular choice for diamonds. Emerald cut diamond rings are beautiful, and at the same time, affordable choice especially for an engagement rings. Emerald cut diamond rings are often paired with accent stones, particularly tapered baguettes and other emerald cuts due to their elongated shape.

Why Would You Choose Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

Princess cut diamonds are either square or rectangular in shape with pointed corners and resembles an upside down pyramid. The princess cut diamond is beautiful and very unique looking. The cut also allows for maximum brilliance and sparkle within the diamond due to the way light reacts within the diamond.

princess cut engagement ring

The popularity of the princess cut diamond is increasing every year. The cut has been around for only around 30 years which isn’t much if you consider how long diamond cutting has been around. Light reacts great in a princess cut diamond and this is what everybody is after. The cut has seventy six facets which is what enables it to have such high sparkle and brilliance.

The only downside to buying a princess cut diamond is that due to the square shape the diamond has pointed corners and if not careful can chip. The way to safeguard against this is to buy a setting that protects these corners against chipping. It is always a safe bet to be careful with your diamond and to try and not hit it against the wall etc. This goes without saying when it comes to any diamond and not just the princess cut.

diamond princess cut engagement ring

The price you’ll have to pay for your princess cut diamond is directly influenced by the 4 C’s. They stand for Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity. The cut is the most important of these factors and it also important to note that the cut is different from the shape. The shape refers to princess cut, asscher cut, round cut etc. The cut refers to the quality of how the diamond was cut and how well light reacts within the diamond. The cut cannot be too deep or too shallow. It has to be just perfect. That’s why buying an ideal cut is of utmost importance. The carat refers to size and the clarity refers to the inclusions in the diamond.