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Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphire’s versatility is irresistible. This fabulous precious stone jewelry makes a woman look super fab and ostentatious in an aristocratic way. Now this is not what I claim. Actually try to wonder, what makes the media machines keep humming?

sapphire engagement ring

Apart from the glam news and peep shows of the personal lives of celebs, their lifestyle and looks too, make a big part of the publicity pie chart of the ‘tweeters’.

Commonality too, prefers sapphire engagement rings to be amongst their favs. All this description indicates completely about the much celebrated sapphire engagement rings in season.

sapphire engagement ring

Abundantly colored and hued sapphire engagement rings are available for you to get hitched up.

So in the process of getting married in that nice sweet chapel, slip that pretty looking, sparkling darling on her fingers. Moreover, let her enjoy the marital bliss by enjoying every boastful look towards her cherished sapphire rock!

Think About Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement ring is the perfect way to show your love. This is the best way to say “I love you” and “you are the most special person in my life”. The charm of a diamond ring speaks romantic adorable and words and gets deep into your lover’s heart. So don’t make your loving life boring. Surprise your love with unique diamond engagement ring.

antique diamond engagement ring

You can find different types of diamond engagement ring in the market. And if you are getting confuse in selecting the best ring. Then here are few tips which will help you in selecting the best ring for your lady love. Know about 4C’S
Before purchasing diamond you must have the knowledge of 4C’S which include color, carat, cut and clarity. To determine the value of diamond it is very important to know about 4C’S. Among all these four factors the cut of diamond is very important. The cut determines the sparkle and brilliance of diamond:

Think about her style
Your bride must have her own style, and if you have never thought about it before, now is the time to start. There is no hard and fast rule about what sort of jewelry anyone should wear, so consider what she likes to wear. Does she wear rings, and if so, are they in gold, silver or platinum? Does she love a simple sparkle or does she prefer something more elaborate? Having a clear sense of her style is an important place to begin.

Consider her hands
When you are thinking about what she will love, think about what looks good on her hands. If her fingers are shorter, you can go for marquise cut diamond or an oval cut diamond. These cuts tend to make shorter fingers look more long and graceful. If she has wide fingers, you should stay away from wide bands. If she has long fingers, you can be a bit bolder with ring styles, but be careful about buying a ring that has a setting that is too delicate; this can get lost on larger hands and make the stone that you choose look smaller!

Consider other stones
Diamonds engagement rings are lovely, but remember that having other stones on the ring can the central diamond off to great advantage. One sweet gesture is to put your birthstone and hers on either side of the diamond, or simply a stone that she loves. This is a lovely place to put her favorite stones.

Where does she work and play?
When you are looking for diamond engagement rings, think about what she does on a daily basis. If she lives a very active lifestyle, then you should buy a ring with a low profile to avoid it from destroying and loosing.