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Reason To Choose Emerald or Ruby Engagement Rings

Rubies and emerald rings for women are made from different types of stones. They could be made for casual wearing or for special occasional like for engagement. There are many that wear these gems as their birthstone so as to bring good luck or for better health and overall well being  Explore the different benefits and uses of these stones, beyond being used as emerald or ruby engagement rings.

Ruby engagement rings

Ruby is the second hardest gemstone, next to Diamond. The unique thing about Rubies is that the rubies which are not red are known as Sapphire, and they are also as popular. They are popularly used for making ruby engagement rings that symbolize Love and affection, and even wealth and prosperity. This is one main reason why they are so much preferred as engagement rings besides emerald rings for women.

Ruby rings have been worn for centuries, and they are made with different styles, shapes, sizes and colors of stones. They are generally offered as gifts and are most suited to occasions like weddings and engagements. As the choice of the engagement ring is an important task, couples would usually make the choice together. If a man is making the choice on his own, then he should know that emerald or ruby engagement rings are almost as precious as diamond rings.

Even though Diamonds have traditionally been the first choice for weddings and engagements, ruby and emerald rings for women are increasingly becoming popular not just because they are attractive, but also become they are more affordable. In addition, more and more women are choosing Emerald and Ruby because of their special color choices and unique gleam. Engagement rings with these gems are today considered to be the ideal choice because both of them stand for eternal love and long-lasting passion.

Emerald Engagement Rings

As Emerald and Ruby have a much wider variety in terms of colors and shades, it is almost impossible to check each and every option. The important thing to understand is that no two Emeralds or Rubies are ever same. Therefore, before you make the purchase, make sure that you are buying the most perfect color and shape. When buying the Emerald or ruby engagement rings, make sure that you ask the seller about the origin of the gemstone and its cost.

You must also know that on an average, Ruby stones would be smaller than other stones. Without concern for their size, they are expensive and special because they are extremely rare to find. You can complement Ruby and emerald rings for women with other stones to increase the class and value of the rings. The choice of the band or the metal setting would also make a major impact on the overall appearance of the ring. You have many options to choose from including Platinum, Silver, Yellow Gold and White Gold. You can choose a metal that suits best to your budget and to the contrasting looks. Make sure to do some research online before making the final purchase.

Celebrity Inspired Engagement Rings For Less

Well, last week we finally got a peek at newlywed Blake Lively’s designer engagement ring, which boasts a massive oval cut light pink diamond at the center, set on a simple band lined with smaller diamonds. It’s dazzling, it’s huge, and it’s incredibly valuable; everything you’d expect from the engagement ring of a fashion forward Hollywood starlet like Lively. While diamond jewelry of the rich and famous always trends toward larger size stones and unconventional designs, there’s no reason the rest of us can’t get in on the action and add a little Hollywood glamour to our own gems. If you’ve got an open mind and some understanding of your fiance’s style  you can pick up a celebrity inspired engagement ring for a fraction of the price you’d expect.

If Blake Lively’s rock is any indication, oval cut and other fancy shaped diamonds are in, and often these cuts make for larger looking diamonds than standard round cut brilliant or princess cut diamonds. Score! Look specifically for pear, oval or marquise shaped diamonds, which have an elongated shape that can give them an appearance of a higher carat weight than a traditional cut.

Another way to achieve a bigger “wow” factor is to opt for a cluster setting, which combines several gems together in a single setting. These multi-stone settings allow for a higher combined carat weight for a lower price than would be possible with a single diamond of the same carat weight. A common example is the three diamond setting, but we’ve also seen a ton of multi-stone settings in celebrity engagement rings lately, including the wildly popular halo style engagement ring. This vintage inspired setting features a center stone surrounded by a ring of smaller stones that accent the main stone and provide added sparkle.

The bonus is there’s no reason to restrict yourself to a white diamond for the center stone (think of Princess Kate’s famous hand-me-down sapphire halo engagement ring originally owned by Princess Diana). An alternative stone can bring the price down considerably without sacrificing style. Check out some of our affordable, on-trend halo engagement rings and bridal sets.