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Who’s rocking the better ring?

Jennifer Aniston V. Angelina Jolie

From their penchant for black dresses and leggy looks to Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie always seem to be going head-to-head — in fact, they both got engaged just months apart! The news broke that Angie would wed Jen’s former hubby, Brad, back in April, while Jen’s new man, Justin Theroux, popped the question in August. It may be a race to the alter for these stars, but we want to know who YOU think is rocking the nicer engagement ring.

Even though Jen’s engagement is old news, the coy star kept her brand new bling under wraps — until now! The 43-year-old star debuted her giant love rock, (which weighs in at approximately 10 carats), in Santa Fe this weekend. The stone, set on a gold band, certainly commanded a lot of attention — and it couldn’t have been any more different than Angelina’s! While Jen’s ring is mainly focused on one large, center stone, Angie’s is made up of an oblong stone surrounded by ribbed diamonds — and it also weighs in at approximately 10 carats on a yellow gold band! Brad worked closely with the jeweler on crafting the custom sparkler.

Drew Barrymore Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings Vs Wedding Bands

The biblical statute of holy matrimony has plentiful amounts of ancient customs that have been working since the beginning of the institution of marriage. These are traditional things that lots of individuals comply with even in the modern era.

Beyond all of the ceremony of the marriage ceremony, the engagement itself incorporates a sum of rituals, including the giving of rings. She wears it on her ring finger to signify her engagement. At the wedding, she is then gifted a gold ring to point out that she is not pledged, but married, and can wear a pair of rings, the band in addition to engagement ring, on her left hand for the remainder of her life. Many women are choosing to go the classic route, but some are not. The choice is really up to you.

solitaire wedding rings

Common solitaire wedding rings used to be connected to a basic, small gold band wedding ring, however in modern days there are a selection of choices available to you. Some women even sport a double band, one on every side of your wedding ring, with the intention to have as much oomph on their hand as possible. You can find 3 options for how to control the wedding band concept. For a lot of women, once they first receive an engagement ring, a wedding band will probably be the outermost thing from their thoughts. But nevertheless often following a couple months to get used to the initial one, a lot of those women get thrilled to add a wedding band into the equation. Listed here are your alternatives:

Numerous excellent and specific styles can be bought at most retailers.

Next, consider a specific combination. In the event the proposal ring that you pick is exclusive, you might not want or most likely are not in a position to find a perfectly matched set.

Couple of offsetting wedding rings

A couple of offsetting rings can complement each other and in many cases be worn apart giving your girl more options. Distinctive might be really enjoyable but our pointer is to purchase a band with the same precious metal as well as a complimentary shape and then have fun from there. It is usually better to pick something unique enough to point out that the rings were not built to match. On top of that, pushing aside the purchase provides you with an opportunity to save up for your ring and can provide her an opportunity to present feedback. Or what about a stand-alone diamond engagement ring? In certain cases the diamond solitare is all that is needed. A wedding band may add a lot of bulk than a few petite hands can handle.

Many brides are simply removing their engagement ring on the wedding day and having the groom place it onto their hand again when it is time to give the vows.