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How To Choose Between Different Alternatives For Diamond Rings

There are various alternatives for the diamond. Today there two Diamond alternatives for the real diamond; one of them is moissanite and other is the cubic zirconia. Both of these Diamond alternatives have their own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the buyer to choose the jewel, so that it suits their budget and fulfils the desire of the real diamond. Normally these diamond alternatives are manufactured either from moissanite material or from the cubic moissanite jewel. There is a diamond alternative for the pure diamond and that is a diamond hybrid in which both jewels are used in gold diamond wedding ring. Engagement rings are cheap in price and with beautiful designs, at the same time they are just as attractive in nature when compared to diamond rings.

cubic zirconia engagement ring

These diamond alternative or the diamond hybrid rings can be of platinum metal and are loved by women! Platinum rings are commonly worn all over the world. Even though platinum is slightly higher in expenses but has longer lasting capabilities when compared to the other metals such as gold and silver. Diamond hybrid rings are suited for all the occasions and functions.

The other stone that is widely used in diamond alternative rings is moissanite. This moissanite stone has various advantages such as it is a natural material, it is cheaper than a diamond and available in various shapes and sizes as they are designed in the laboratories. The other advantage is the hardness of the moissanite that is almost equal to the diamond. This is the same case in platinum moissanite stones and they are the best diamond alternatives as it has various impressive designs and longer durability. Platinum is silver in its appearance and it’s durability and shine are impressive.

Diamond hybrid moissanite stone can be large in size when compared to a common diamond stone. It provides a new and elegant approach in diamond alternative engagement rings. This new look is becoming more popular in today’s fashion. These diamond alternative or the diamond hybrid rings resemble pure pink diamond engagement rings and are very difficult to distinguish between the two. Even trained professionals in the jewelry industry discover it difficult to separate between them. These emerald cut diamond rings are the best option to the diamond alternative rings.

Both cubic zirconia and moissanite are precious jewels and can be used in designing beautiful jewelry. But with respect to moissanite the cubic zirconia has a wide market in the field of diamond hybrid as they are cheaper in cost and are easy to maintain. The other important factor is that the color of cubic zirconia diamond alternative does not fade far easily and remains for longer duration.

The other diamond hybrid that provides varieties of articles is the moissanite diamond ring. It contains diamonds around the moissanite and is beautiful to look at. These moissanite diamond alternative rings are perfect for any occasion with vast selection of styles and alternatives s such as wedding rings, anniversary rings and the various engagement rings. These rings or the pendants can be manufactured two ways; one of them by machine manufacturing and the other being hand crafted. The hand crafted ring provides a stunning and marvelous look when compared to the machine crafted rings.

No Wrong Time For A Gold And Diamond Engagement Ring

Over the last few years engagement rings made of white gold have been become very popular, because they have a stunning finish and complement any gemstone. The hype started because many couples wanted anything unlike the usual yellow gold engagement rings. This comes with silver, platinum, and last not least white gold.

gold and diamond engagement rings

If the future bride likes one of these jewelry, then he can be sure that an engagement ring made of white gold is the perfect choice. By comparing the features, you’ll see that white gold engagement rings have several benefits that platinum bands do not. Platinum is a good deal more expensive than white gold. White gold rings provide some other advantages as well. One great benefit is that white gold is stronger than platinum which helps avoid bending and scraping easily.


Another point is, that the white gold finish stays brighter longer. Besides, platinum prongs break more at ease than those prongs made of white gold. White gold features so many advantages as well as being really beautiful. White gold is the ideal backdrop for diamonds and other valuable gemstones. White gold engagement rings are clearly favorites in the wide range of engagement rings.

gold and diamond engagement ring

Indeed, rings-regardless of its kind-are beautiful and stunning. Depending on your purpose, rings are always valuable and sentimental.

Today, wanting to veer away from the traditional color of yellow in gold, more and more couples choose white gold diamond rings for their engagement. According to countless surveys, gold is the most common-not to mention, popular-choice of most couples for their wedding or engagement rings. Gold can either be white golf or yellow gold. Common standards dictates that fine gold jewelry should be mounted in either 14-karat (K) or 18 karat (K) gold.

The 18-karat gold should consist of 18 parts pure gold combines with 6 parts other metals while the 14-karat gold has 14 parts pure gold with 10 parts of other metals. In market, white gold is more preferable compared to yellow gold. White gold is usually more recommended for a diamond ring mount than yellow gold because it doesn’t wash off after years of use.

Although gold yellow appeals because of its glow and bright finish, more and more soon-to-wed couples prefer the simplicity and elegance of white gold in their diamond engagement rings.

An 18k white gold is also recommended compared 14k white gold because it has whiter color.