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Princess Cut Engagement Rings

This post will briefly explain why princess cut engagement rings are so popular. This cut has only been around since the seventies and the popularity is only growing. The princess cut diamond differs quite a bit from the round or cushion cut diamond. I will also give you some helpful hints that might help you when choosing your engagement ring.

Princess cut engagement ring

The princess cut diamond is very beautiful and that is the main reason it is so popular. If you look at it you will see that it almost looks like an upside down pyramid with it’s square or rectangular shape. The diamond is flat on the top which can also make it appear larger which is a good thing.

The reason princess cut engagement rings has much more sparkle and brilliance than other shapes is because it has 76 facets which was created to incorporate the best features of round and square cut diamonds to give the princess cut diamond unmatched brilliance and fire.

The princess cut diamond has pointed corners which may chip easier than other diamonds. The best way to prevent this is to choose a setting that protects the corners of the diamond. Bezel or secure channel settings are best for this. Another thing to consider is the fact that the color of the setting may affect the appearance of the princess cut diamond. White gold, platinum or titanium is the best choices for princess cut engagement rings. I would highly suggest you design your own engagement ring by first choosing the diamond and then the setting and have the company set them together for you at no charge. Towards the end of this article I will reveal the place I used to do this.

As with any other style, princess cut engagement rings can vary substantially in price. The size of the stone, the clarity, the color of the diamond, and the skill with which the diamond was cut will all have an effect on the value of the stone. It’s a good idea to spend some time shopping around so that you can find the highest quality diamond at the best possible price.