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Jennifer Aniston’s Engagement Ring Details

America’s Sweetheart is no longer America’s Loneliest Girl! The 40 year old star of Friends and countless movies has been living with actor Justin Theroux for over a year, sparking several engagement rumors, but it seems that this time, it’s the real deal. Theroux’s rep announced over the weekend that Aniston “gave Justin the best birthday gift when she accepted his wedding proposal.”

Jennifer Aniston Engagement Ring

The two met while filming Wanderlust a few years ago, and after denying the relationship rumors for a few months, finally embraced the spotlight of being one of the world’s most famous celebrity couples. When Aniston was spotted with a sparkling diamond ring on her hand in late June, the web lit up with engagement rumors, which turned out to be false. For one, the ring was on her right hand, not her left, and plus, it was a ring Justin had given her that she had worn many other times before. In the past few months, Jennifer and Justin have also stepped out wearing simple gold rings inscribed with each other’s names, a style which combined with the couple’s habit of wearing similar clothing, made them strong contenders for the title of “cutest couple alive.”

Jennifer Aniston Engagement Ring
Jennifer Aniston Engagement Ring

Of course, some skeptics might point to Jennifer’s decision to announce her engagement now as following a little too closely on the heels of her ex-husband Brad Pitt’s announcement of his engagement to longtime girlfriend Angelina Jolie. Some will no doubt compare Jennifer Aniston’s celebrity engagement ring when she reveals it to Angelina’s incredible custom-designed tablet diamond ring. But we say let’s let bygones be bygones and wish both couples well on this exciting time in their lives. Sure, Aniston has earned her fair share of pitying tabloid covers, but she is also a gorgeous and extremely successful actress who has chosen to share her happiness with her thousands of fans. So, congratulations to the happy couple—we wish them all the best (and eagerly await engagement ring photos!)

Tiffany Engagement Rings

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