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Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is the first and most significant purchase that you buy to signify the upcoming union between you and your significant other. There are many styles of cut out there to be chosen from for your engagement ring but marquise cut perhaps could be one that will do best to describe your deepest feelings.

Marquise cut engagement ring

The marquise cut diamond is a variation of a round cut diamond but the shape is stretched out more to an oval. From the top view, you will be amazed that it takes into a shape of a football. Its slender striking cut is very well proportioned, and the whole shape gives off a visually bigger appearance with a bigger table spread for carat weight than traditional cut engagement rings. It also has a line of beauty that can be used running up and down the finger. This cut has an ability to accentuate the size of any diamond, with tapering to graceful points at each end.

The perfect length to width ration for a marquise cut diamond engagement ring stone is usually approximately 2 to 1. Always keep in mind of this property when you are purchasing a marquise cut diamond because this ratio plays an important role to the diamond’s capability in gathering and refracting light. The fiery brilliance of a marquise cut engagement ring is dependent on the proper proportions. If the cut is not done precisely, you will be able to notice a darker ‘bow tie’ in the center of the diamond where an obvious lack of brilliance or a blackened area can be detected. Choose a diamond with as little bow-tie effect as possible.

Either as a classic solitaire setting or surrounded with smaller accent diamonds or other gemstones, the marquise cut engagement ring will always exude elegance and style. If you are on a tight budget, a somewhat smaller diamond stone can be purchased to be cut into the marquise cut style and you will be surprised to see the final result that comes from the cut which will give you an illusion of having a larger looking diamond stone.

Marquise cut engagement ring has the effortless ability in flattering the hand of your bride-to-be, making the fingers look longer and more slender. This unique quality of the cut may perhaps come from its lure as the style of royalty. Often called a ‘fancy’ cut, the classic marquise cut engagement ring speaks of a refined style. Celebrity actor Michael Douglas had given Catherine Zeta-Jones an antique-style 10-carat marquise diamond engagement ring to celebrate their union, you too can mark your own unique celebration of love by giving the unique marquise cut engagement ring for the queen of your heart.