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Drew Barrymore Engagement Ring

How to Drop Engagement Ring Hints

Disney movies taught us from a very early age that ‘one day, your Prince will come’. Since those very early days of watching Cinderella and co. ride off into the sunset with Charming, we have dreamed of when it’s our turn.

We’ve daydreamed about the man who drops down on one knee, where you’ll be, the speech he gives, and the all important ring. While for some of us diamonds really are a girls’ best friend, others will be dreaming of a simpler, unique engagement ring.

Securing Your Dream Ring

It used to be the norm that our boyfriends would scrimp and save, and choose the ring themselves. But we’re living in the 21st century. More and more women are choosing to keep their maiden names, and some are snubbing engagement rings altogether.

But if your ‘happy ever after’ still includes a diamond encrusted band, how can you make sure your man picks the right ring? Sure, when the time comes and he’s down on one knee; you’ll love the ring no matter what. But if you have an idea in your head – or some definite ideas of what constitutes a deal-breaker – how do you drop the right hints?

We all know that boys can be a little rubbish at picking up on hints about doing the washing up. So you’ve had ‘the talk’ and you know marriage is on the cards. Now is the time to subtlety nudge him towards your dream ring. Here are our top three hints for dropping engagement ring hints:

1. Celebrity Inspiration

Famous faces are getting engaged all the time. Gossip magazines and websites go into overdrive, publishing images of the rings and speculating over the dress. Next time a celebrity couple get engaged, you have some great hint-dropping ammunition.

If talk turns to the couple, say how much you like or dislike the ring. Give reasons and say why you would/wouldn’t want something similar. Boys can often switch off when talk turns to the latest gossip but some hints may get through.

Don’t be overly pushy with it though. You don’t want to scare him off, or come across as massively obsessive. You could also do something similar with your friends. This is bound to resonate more with your boyfriend, especially if he knows the people involved.

2. Bridal Magazines

If you’re already talking about marriage, you may have a bridal magazine or two lying around. Even if you don’t, these are always filled with inspiration for engagement rings. This is perfect for girls who know what they want – and girls that don’t.

Many women’s magazines will tell you to circle the rings you like, and pin them to the fridge. We’d however, suggest something different. This kind of approach screams ‘bunny boiler’ and will send your boyfriend running for the hills.

Instead, use what you’ve seen in the magazines as a guide for verbal hints. When the topic of marriage arises, you can use what you have seen in the magazines to talk about your dream ring. Be careful though, your man will have an idea of how he wants to do things. Don’t ruin it for yourself by being a bridezilla before he’s even popped the question.

3. Honesty

Marriage isn’t a game, and getting engaged shouldn’t be either. If you and your man are serious about making a life together, you should be able to talk openly and honestly. When the talk veers towards ‘the future’, discuss engagement rings.

Many women wear a either gold or silver jewellery, so use this as your base. Saying ‘I’d love a white gold band as the rest of my jewellery is silver’ is simple and easy to understand. Your bloke can relate to that, and will be able to show that he’s listened to your advice.

If you’re in an adult relationship, you should be able to talk about marriage like adults. Dropping hints can have the adverse effect if you’re too pushy. Being honest and open is always best. And if you really know what you want, go ring shopping together.

There is nothing wrong with a proposal sans ring. In fact, think of all the cute, quirky alternatives you could get? An engagement ring isn’t the be all and end all of your proposal. It is a symbol of your love, so surely it is better to relax and see what happens?

Are Vintage Engagement Rings Really Old?

Selected rings that come from past decades and eras with prices ranging from inexpensive to very costly are called vintage engagement rings. These days though, the term vintage can be applied to rings that are not necessarily genuinely old as they can be recreated from the genuine ones. Each era or time period has unique designs. In the world of jewelries, these eras are Georgian, Early Victorian, Mid Victorian, Late Victorian, Arts and Crafts era, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco and Retro. Vintage engagement rings may come generally from1930s to 1950s.

Vintage engagement rings

During the Edwardian era of 1905 to 1915, filigree wedding rings were introduced into the jewelry showing off its nature of complex designs made meticulously by hand. By 1920s to 1930s, during the Art Deco times, these vintage rings reached their height of popularity. To this date, the romanticism that these rings inspired with its grand intricate designs made filigree vintage engagement rings extremely fashionable.

Care must be taken when one decides to purchase the perfect vintage engagement ring. Make sure thorough examination of these rings are done as they are very complex in its designs that are usually embellished with tiny stones. Find out about the necessary services needed for repairs and consider the extra maintenance fees too.

When purchasing a vintage ring that is made of a gemstone, be aware that it is more fragile and vulnerable to time and everyday use as it is much softer. In choosing this type of vintage ring usually tiny flaws may be ignored if you are in favor of its age. Vintage rings that are usually old rings that have stood through time are often accumulated with oils, dusts. They may not exhibit the kind of sparkle of a newly made ring. However after a thorough cleansing by the jewelers upon request, they can be transformed.

Verification of your vintage engagement rings worth can be done by a trustworthy jeweler and you can also get it insured if its necessary. Due to the delicate nature of these vintage rings, it is best to give them the proper care that suits their needs. Know that to make them last longer, do not wear them while you are engaged in yard works, cleaning or while playing sports. A routine check to detect for loose settings, bent prongs and other damage can also be done by a jeweler. Do not use over-the-counter chemicals to clean these vintage rings yourself as this can cause more harm to it. The right cleansing should be done by a professional that is experienced with vintage engagement rings.

Vintage engagement rings that are recreation of the old antiques are affordable. They imitate the intricacy of the old rings design with new bands and stones. As they are new, they offer the higher quality and durability as the materials used today are sturdier than the ones used decades ago.

Proper care that is given to maintain vintage engagement rings keeps them longer lasting. Whether they are the true antiques or imitation of the original, vintage engagement ring has a kind of timeless quality to it. They symbolize love with far more depth than what modern rings can offer. These rings are cherished and passed down for generations.