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The Number One Choice for Designer Engagement Rings – Tacori

Buying an engagement ring is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make — financially and emotionally. This piece of jewelry will be the material embodiment of your love and marriage. You’ll look at it every day, so you need to love it as much as you love each other. With a purchase this important you want to get it right! Many buyers look for Designer rings for the luxury style they want, and to have a name behind it that they trust and feel comfortable with.

When surveyed in 2011, 1500 women across America choose one brand above all others as the ring they wanted, that brand was TACORI. So I looked a little closer at this brand to try to figure out why. What is so special about a TACORI ring? I already knew from my coworkers who are headed towards the aisle (and even a few who aren’t) that the rings torn from magazines and taped to their cubicle to ogle are always TACORI. So I decided to get a few ‘professional opinions’ from people in the jewelry industry. I asked a ‘jewelry specialist’ at a large chain of jewelry stores, ironically that store doesn’t carry TACORI, so he asked to remain anonymous. He said they are pretty much the best made products available, especially for the money. Another salesperson from JR Dunn Jewelers whospecializes in TACORI Engagement Rings told me that “The Crescent styles are the most popular, and the TACORI criss-cross 2565 in any shape or size is the most requested. The diamonds are chosen to be the best, with terrific fire and brilliance.

Diamond experts rate them as superior quality. These rings are hand-crafted by expert jewelers who specialize in engagement rings, which means the finished product is going to be perfect.” Maybe so, but no one would buy a perfectly made, high quality ring if it was ugly right? “TACORI is always at the forefront of style. Look at any magazine or article on trends for engagement rings, or especially at celebrity rings, because TACORI has a huge following in Hollywood. Chances are that famous starlet or mega movie star you read just got engaged is wearing a TACORI ring.” As they say “Every woman wants a TACORI ring but it seems they only end up on the fingers of the most loved.” I’m not sure if that’s true, but when I asked a coworker here who is ring shopping with her fianc? what ring she wants… you guessed it, TACORI. After all my research I think it comes down to one thing: these rings are just plain beautiful. If you’re lucky enough to get one, enjoy!

Best Tips How to Save when Buying an Engagement Ring

Hunting for an engagement ring is one of those tasks that can make any man – or woman – a nervous wreck.  That’s mainly because of the so-called requirement to spend 2 months’ salary on a ring, but also because of the value of the diamond and the fact that jewelers frequently attempt to talk buyers into purchasing an item beyond their budget.  But not to fear, what follows is a short guide about how to save money when buying and engagement ring.

Buy “pre-set” rather than a separate loose diamond.  A pre-set diamond engagement ring, simply put, is a cheaper.  This is because the ring is a complete product with all of its stones already set in place.  By contrast, a loose diamond requires a custom made ring, which is more labor intensive and thus carries a higher price tag.   In addition, pre-set diamond engagement rings come in a wide range of styles, which means you should be able to find a design that suits your future spouse.

Look for coupons for the site.  Coupons are consumer’s best friend.  Those small pieces of paper can save tens to hundreds of dollars in expenses.  In the modern world, they can be found online as well.  Therefore, if you’re looking to buy an engagement, do a search online – you are bound to find some form of discount for whatever website plan to buy from.  If you’re not planning to buy online, search the newspapers – jewelry stores area always offering some sort of discount.

Benefit from assistance of user-friendly tools like filters.  Online jewelry customers will notice on any of the reputable jewelry stores that there is a massive database of diamonds.  Those stones can be located anywhere in the world and at any given time, there are thousands of diamonds listed.  Consequently, this is where research comes in handy.  Finding the right prices diamond can be accomplished by filtering out all diamonds outside your price range that have your desired characteristics in terms of cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

Buy an antique item.  Brand new diamond rings can run in the hundreds to a couple thousand dollars.  You can save money but buying an antique ring.  While an antique ring may have rougher cut diamonds, they frequently sport intricate designs that are more often than not quite eye-catching and just as impressive as a new ring.  In addition, vintage and antique rings are in style, so an antique ring is a good way to keep up with the current style and also save some cash.

Compare prices.  Jewelry may be a commodity item that carries a high price, but there can be differences between prices between manufacturers.  This is especially true if the manufacturer also operates a physical store.  Therefore, if you’ve found an engagement ring you like, compare the price you were given with the items made by other manufacturers and see if they offer a similar design for a better price.  Obviously, keep in mind the 4C’s – cut, color, clarity and carat weight – as well as the quality of metal when doing so.