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Black Diamond Engagement Rings Princess Cut

The latest betrothal trend is stunning black diamond engagement rings. Black diamonds, found only in diamond fields in Central Africa and Brazil, are among the rarest and oldest diamonds in the world– a perfect metaphor for the uniqueness of your love!

Black diamonds look especially stunning in non-traditional metals like titanium and white gold (or both). For many years black diamonds were out of fashion, as they are even harder than regular diamonds and require extreme skill and precision to make them into jewels.


Although diamonds are found all over the world, black diamonds are only found in two relatively small regions. And in fact, due to the similarities in the bedrock in both Brazil and Central Africa, geologists think that they might have been the same region at the time that the diamonds in them were formed.

An even more far-out theory is that the reason that black diamonds are only found in such a tiny area is that they were a part of an asteroid that struck the earth — meaning that the black diamonds in those areas represent all the black diamonds on earth, ever.

In any event, black diamonds are extremely old; geologists estimate between 2.6and 3.8 billion years old (conventional diamonds might be a mere billion years old.)


Black diamonds are black because, unlike conventional diamonds which have a single-crystal structure that easily refracts light, black diamonds are made of many thousands of crystalline structures, all smooshed tightly together in one extremely hard package (only a black diamond can cut another black diamond).

Because they cannot refract light, black diamonds are generally cut in round- or cushion-cut shapes so that the deep black color can be more easily admired. If you want a unique, out-of-this-world symbol of your love, you can’t go wrong with a black diamond engagement ring.

Tiffany Engagement Rings Make Many Women’s Dreams Come True

Tiffany creates modern designer jewelries like luxury Tiffany rings that are sought after by those who have the capacity to pay for its expensive pieces and more so by those who can’t. I recollect an acquaintance asking for a loan because he wanted to give his girlfriend a Tiffany engagement ring.

tiffany engagement ring

I find it really amusing that he is actually buying the ring from money that he loaned, I guess it is not a very good start for a lasting relationship. I suggested to him to search online for some Tiffany replica rings,they’re just as stunning but won’t have you landed in jail for unpaid debts. Fortunately he listened to my suggestion and is now happily married and debt free.

Purchasing an engagement fashion Tiffany ring need not be stressful. If you have the capability to buy a real diamond ring, then that’s fine. If you can’t, don’t push it. Tiffany replica rings will convey commitment and love the same way a pricey diamond ring will. If the woman you are marrying won’t accept anything less than an expensive engagement ring, I advise you better rethink your plans, she may not be for you.

Tiffany replica rings  are not only limited to engagement rings. It has a myriad of designs each one will amaze you with its exquisite workmanship, elegance and low price. With its very inexpensive price tags you will always be able to give your lovely wife a Tiffany replica ring every month, there is no need for you to wait for your anniversary. If you’ve always dreamed of buying her that marquise cut diamond with discount Tiffany rings your dream can come true without waiting for your retirement to get a lump sum on your pension.

tiffany 3 diamond engagement ring

It’s your daughter’s 18th birthday and you’d give anything to buy her some jewels to match her elegance now that she has become a lady. With fashion cheap Tiffany rings it is never a burden financially to buy one or a set. Your gift will not only let her beauty shine on the night of her birthday but it will adorn her for many years to come,because Tiffany replica rings are made of genuine . 925 sterling silver it will last a lifetime. Who said dreams can’t be bought?