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Drew Barrymore Engagement Ring

Jessica Biel Flashes Engagement Ring

The ‘7Th Heaven’ actress is set to wed ‘SexyBack’ singer Justin Timberlake, and while they are both notoriously private about their relationship, she was happy to flash her ring at a ‘Saturday Night Live’ after party in New York, after Justin had made a guest appearance on the show.

Jessica Biel Engagement Ring

Jessica Biel was showing off the fancy, as-yet-unphotographed new engagement ring Justin Timberlake gave her. Kristen Wiig was particularly taken by it, according to a source, who says Wiig “loved the ring and chatted her up about it.” When it was time to emerge to see the press, the ring was hidden away, somewhere. And so the legend of its shininess and whether Timberlake has a matching ring with the same message inscribed –possibly in Sanskrit on the inside of the band — will only grow.

Unfortunately Jess hasn’t gone totally public with her rock just yet (as is the case with that pregnancy rumour), so we’re still relying on the gossip mill for this one.

Where are the paparazzi when you need them?

Jessica Biel’s Engagement Ring

It happened during the Christmas holiday in Jackson, Wyoming.  So where did the proposal happen?  On the mountain of course.

According to Us Weekly, Justin decided to propose on the mountain because he knows how much Jessica loves to snowboard, making it the perfect location.

Jessica Biel Engagement Ring

In fact, they were first seen together in 2007 during the Sundance Film Festival in Utah .. and of course they were snowboarding.  So the location does seem to make sense.

Justin Timberlake make proposal to Jessica Biel wedding engagement ring

The couple split for a few months in 2011, but the magazine also reported part of the reason for getting back together was an agreement to get engaged.

Jessica Biel’s Engagement Ring

We are anxiously awaiting news on the gorgeous engagement ring that we are sure Justin bought.

What do you think it will look like?  Big and gaudy .. simple yet stunning?  Visit us again and we’ll bring you the pictures and the full story as soon as we get them.