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Significance of Engagement And Wedding Rings

engagement and wedding rings set

Wedding ring is the special jewelry ornament that binds the two souls for their lifetime. With the exchanging of rings they promise to each other to take every responsibility and share their feelings, sorrow and happiness. It is the sign of your engagement and taking vow to your partner. 

Both you and your partner will have some remarkable moments and memories of this special occasion. Everything is new. Everything has a massage of happiness. And with this the term wedding ring is also added spontaneously in any culture.

What to Look For When Buying Three Stone Engagement Rings

Deciding to get married is a major decision and one the is usually based on the foundations of your relationship. The memories you carry with you are important for your future on this journey that you have begun together. A fantastic symbol of your life together are three stone engagement rings.

three stone diamond engagement ring

Three stone engagement rings are exactly what they sound like. It is a band that features three separate stones that are set in a row. Often three stone engagement rings may be called a trinity or trilogy ring in jewelry stores. Typically, these types of rings do not feature side accent stones. However, if you are looking for a more elaborate ring you may be able to find three stone engagement rings that have a bit more pizazz to them with additional accent stones.

When looking at three stone engagement rings there are a few things that you will want to look at to ensure that you get the most polished and lovely piece that you can. Usually, in three stone engagement rings, the stones are of similar size, but you can is you like have the middle stone a little bigger that the other two stones. However, take care to keep the stone size fairly close to each other so that you can retain the specific look of a three stone ring rather than a solitaire with accent stones surrounding it.

As far as the shape of the stone, that is largely a personal decision. You will find that round diamonds are really popular in three stone engagement rings. This is partially because a round diamond is cut with many facets so that it is one of the more sparkly cuts that you can find. Square stones as well as princess cuts are also extremely popular in three stone engagement rings. They look very sleek and clean when set together on a band.

Just because those are the most popular does not mean that that is what you are limited to. Three stone engagement rings will also have oval, marquise and emerald stones. But, if your partner really wants a heart-shaped ring then this type of ring may not be the best choice as don’t really look that good set close together.

The choice of stone you can use gives a great deal of versatility to three stone engagement rings. Traditionally, wedding bands usually feature diamonds, but three stone rings allow you a little more flexibility in the choice of stone. Having the two accent stones as gemstones, such as emerald or sapphire, is a great way to change these types of ring if your girlfriend has a particular stone she loves.

A three stone ring that does not contain a diamond would be a very original ring to give to you girlfriend. A round cut ruby ring or an emerald cut sapphire ring are a couple of the choice you could make.

The main thing is to choose a ring that symbolizes your journey together. Where you have been, your commitment to get married, and what life will hold for you after that!