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Whose engagement ring do You like more?


A few months ago, news broke that Miley Cyrus was engaged to her actor BF Liam Hemsworth. While this came as a slight shocker, given that both Miley and Liam are still very young, it didn’t make our jaws drop like the news of Avril Lavigne‘s engagement to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger… can you say “random?”

After announcing their engagements, both Avril and Miley showed off their engagement rings to the press. The songstress’ rings are very different and very beautiful, but whose engagement ring suits your taste more?

Before getting down on one knee to propose, Chad Kroeger bought his lady love Avril a monster of a rock. Her ring, which is pictured on the left above, is “platinum-set pear-shape diamond with half moons totaling 14 carats from XIVKARATS in Beverly Hills,” according to PEOPLE. It’s Avril’s dream ring, and even though this engagement news came way out of left field (who knew they were even dating?!), we couldn’t be happier for the ‘What the Hell’ hit maker.

Meanwhile, ‘Hunger Games’ star Liam Hemsworth went a very different route while picking out Ms. Miley’s engagement bling (picture on the right). Her ring was designed by famed jeweler Neil Lane, and it’s not the typical engagement ring you’d see nowadays, since it’s yellow gold… but Miley is not one to go for the “conventional.” Her cushion-cut, 3.5 carat diamond is much smaller than Lavigne’s, but the “Art-Nouveau” band on the sparkler also encases several smaller diamonds.

Check out pictures of Avril and Miley’s respective engagement rings above and vote on your favorite piece of soon-to-be-wed bling below!

Fancy Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings Are Hollywood’s Choice

Fancy shaped diamond engagement rings have definitely been the latest trend when it comes to the celebrity wedding scene. We have seen everything from the princess, emerald, oval, pear, and cushion cuts this year. Although the round cut diamonds are still out there, it seems like todays leading lady is opting for anything but the round cut diamond engagement ring.

The Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Jennifer Anniston recently hit the wedding news again when Justin Theroux proposed to her. Although we don’t know the exact details of Jennifer’s diamond engagement ring there have been reports that it does feature the emerald cut diamond. It has also been reported that it also features tapered baguettes, reminiscent of Kate Hudson’s stunning wedding engagement ring design.

There are many others out there who are also enjoying the emerald cut diamond like Mariah Carey, Kate Beckinsale, and Kristin Bell. The thing about the emerald cut diamond that many experts have reported is that the bigger the diamond, the more beautiful the diamond becomes. It has also been described as the diamond cut that combines the modern flare with a timeless elegance.

The Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

We all can’t forget the Regis and Kelly show when Carrie Ann Inaba became the proud owner of a solitaire princess cut diamond engagement ring. The gorgeous ring comes in at 2 ? carats and features a platinum band. A sweet touch – her fianc? hid his own birthstone in the band as well. Although the engagement was called off recently, the ring is still definitely worth talking about.

The Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Another name to hit the news was Drew Barrymore who now wears a stunning radiant cut diamond engagement ring. The diamond is colorless and weighs almost 4 carats. The diamond is beautifully accented by a diamond-covered band.

The Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Another diamond engagement ring that could not be ignored was Miley Cyrus’ 3.5 carat ring featuring a cushion cut diamond in yellow gold. This stunning ring features a hand-cut, one-of-a-king diamond from the 19th century.

The best thing about these Hollywood A-listers and their diverse selection of diamond engagement rings is how each ring reflects the personality of the woman wearing it. It has set the stage for women everywhere to feel empowered to select the ring that fits their style best and not just what happens to be the most popular at the time.