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Different Options For Engagement Rings Beyond Diamond

If you wanna go ahead and ask this question congratulate yourself very few people ever stop to think about many beautiful options available to them when buying an engagement ring. Many have rigid pre- conceived notions that they refuse to swerve from them.  

Just because a couple is thrifty and desires to save money to be invested elsewhere in their marriage, it doesn’t mean that the choice of an engagement ring need be humdrum.  Thinking outside the traditional can often mean finding a ring that will introduce symbolism into their special relationship, romance and even something novel that will be the envy of their friends.   

Generally, the options may be divided into three basic categories, that is if you plan to have a ring. You could also make a choice of a ring without a stone; one idea is a band that will go well with a wedding band, and then be engraved with words that are important to you, or perhaps embossed with a pattern you like that also coordinates with the wedding band. 

Bands can be examined along with the wedding sets and you can mix and match, or you can duplicate by turning a single band into a double band.  Many designers would jump at the opportunity to design a dual band set so it should not be hard to hire one for cheap and use the savings on stone. 

In case you select a stone, the remaining two selections are to go with some kind of stone or synthetic that appears like diamond, or simply lighting out for the unknown country and locating a stone that suits you perfectly, both as individuals and as a couple. 

Cubic Zirconium is the most preferred and known substitute for  diamond, though it  weights more and looks duller than a pure diamond and may even wane in color with usage. Many people will choose this over a diamond to save money. 

cubic zirconia engagement rings

Moissanite is a stone that is produced in a laboratory. It is patterned after a crystal located in the center of a meteorite and is an excellent choice, despite costing somewhat more than stones of cubic zirconium. The stone is twice as brilliant and slightly harder than diamond. (although this factor may increase the diamond’s beauty, it could also lead to identification for people whose preference is a diamond’s muted fire), and refracts lightness somewhat differently, directing whatever group to find that it has a sick chromatic color. The positive and negative aspects of Moissanite are mostly based on individuals’ personal opinion.

For the last century, white sapphires have been used as an alternative for diamonds. The white sapphire is a beautiful stone in itself and the beauty of it is it can be cut just like a diamond but one must be aware that it is softer and less durable. 

white sapphire engagement rings

If you want to purchase precious stones other than diamonds or their lookalikes, then there is no limits to your options other than the ones you impose on yourself. Ruby, sapphire, jade, and similar hard stones are good choices since the stone will be worn constantly over a long period of time. 

A color that blends well with the range of colors that are frequently worn is generally a good choice to make. The entire world of fine stones is open beyond that. What about a star sapphire or some other type of carborundum like a ruby stone? Sure! What a remarkable difference when compared to a diamond! Is not the idea of a solid gold mounting studded with a carved jade fascinating? It lasts a long time and comes in a variety of colors.

How To Choose Between Different Alternatives For Diamond Rings

There are various alternatives for the diamond. Today there two Diamond alternatives for the real diamond; one of them is moissanite and other is the cubic zirconia. Both of these Diamond alternatives have their own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the buyer to choose the jewel, so that it suits their budget and fulfils the desire of the real diamond. Normally these diamond alternatives are manufactured either from moissanite material or from the cubic moissanite jewel. There is a diamond alternative for the pure diamond and that is a diamond hybrid in which both jewels are used in gold diamond wedding ring. Engagement rings are cheap in price and with beautiful designs, at the same time they are just as attractive in nature when compared to diamond rings.

cubic zirconia engagement ring

These diamond alternative or the diamond hybrid rings can be of platinum metal and are loved by women! Platinum rings are commonly worn all over the world. Even though platinum is slightly higher in expenses but has longer lasting capabilities when compared to the other metals such as gold and silver. Diamond hybrid rings are suited for all the occasions and functions.

The other stone that is widely used in diamond alternative rings is moissanite. This moissanite stone has various advantages such as it is a natural material, it is cheaper than a diamond and available in various shapes and sizes as they are designed in the laboratories. The other advantage is the hardness of the moissanite that is almost equal to the diamond. This is the same case in platinum moissanite stones and they are the best diamond alternatives as it has various impressive designs and longer durability. Platinum is silver in its appearance and it’s durability and shine are impressive.

Diamond hybrid moissanite stone can be large in size when compared to a common diamond stone. It provides a new and elegant approach in diamond alternative engagement rings. This new look is becoming more popular in today’s fashion. These diamond alternative or the diamond hybrid rings resemble pure pink diamond engagement rings and are very difficult to distinguish between the two. Even trained professionals in the jewelry industry discover it difficult to separate between them. These emerald cut diamond rings are the best option to the diamond alternative rings.

Both cubic zirconia and moissanite are precious jewels and can be used in designing beautiful jewelry. But with respect to moissanite the cubic zirconia has a wide market in the field of diamond hybrid as they are cheaper in cost and are easy to maintain. The other important factor is that the color of cubic zirconia diamond alternative does not fade far easily and remains for longer duration.

The other diamond hybrid that provides varieties of articles is the moissanite diamond ring. It contains diamonds around the moissanite and is beautiful to look at. These moissanite diamond alternative rings are perfect for any occasion with vast selection of styles and alternatives s such as wedding rings, anniversary rings and the various engagement rings. These rings or the pendants can be manufactured two ways; one of them by machine manufacturing and the other being hand crafted. The hand crafted ring provides a stunning and marvelous look when compared to the machine crafted rings.