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The Most Trendy This Year Engagement Ring Settings

When it comes to proposing to the love of your life, you want to ensure that you get her the diamond engagement ring of her dreams. But you have to admit, there are some parts of the shopping process that are utterly confusing. You know you have to keep the four Cs of diamonds in your head (that’s cut, color, clarity, and carat if you didn’t already know!), but what do jewelers mean when they talk about various engagement ring settings?

An engagement ring setting is the term used to describe the mounting that attaches the diamond to the metal band. Still worried that you won’t be able to wrap your head around all the engagement ring settings out there?

Not to worry: think of this article as your crash course in the most popular engagement ring settings around. With this article by your side, you won’t have to be intimidated by any diamond ring settings – because you’ll know exactly what they are.

Prong Setting

prong settings engagement rings

The prong setting is perhaps the most popular engagement ring style in the world. The prong setting (which is elegantly featured in solitaire engagement rings) uses metal claws to attach the rock to the rest of the ring. The look of the ring will vary depending on how many prongs you opt for. Four and six-prong styles give the diamond an elevated look, which can help highlight your shining jewel. Prongs can also be flat or shaped in a V, as featured with heart and pear-shaped engagement rings.

Channel Setting

elegant channel set diamond engagement ring

Also known as an eternity band, channel settings are becoming an increasingly popular choice for diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Channel settings feature a row of gorgeous diamonds, which are uninterrupted by prongs or metal bands. The entire surface has a smooth appearance, which helps highlight your gorgeous diamonds.

Cluster Setting

cluster setting engagement rings

More brides than ever before want an engagement ring that’s just as unique as they are – and cluster settings are certainly unique! This type of setting refers to a diamond engagement ring that has diamonds forming shapes like hearts, butterflies, flowers, and other beautiful designs. Cluster settings are perfect for the bride who wants to make a personal statement with her diamond engagement ring or wedding band.

Now that you know what the most popular diamond ring settings are, it’s time to go out there and find the dream ring for your bride-to-be!

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

If you want to have an engagement ring that is extraordinarily lovely, then a pear shaped engagement ring is the ideal ring for you. Although this kind of cut has been popular for quite a few centuries now, its beauty is still adored by a lot of ladies despite the reality that an increasing number of cuts and shapes are becoming developed these days.

Also referred to as teardrop or pendeloque shape, the pear shape will be the item of combining an oval or round shape and a marquise shaped stone. One end is rounded or depending on the proportion, it may possibly be oval shaped plus the other finish is pointed. This shape was invented in 1458 by Lodewyk Von Berquem. One of the largest diamonds inside the world may be the Star of Africa which weighs 530.20 carats is often a pear shaped diamond. No wonder that this shape is truly remarkable and magnificent also.

Pearl shaped engagement rings are among the most favorite engagement ring styles worn by famous celebrities. One of the largest pear shaped diamond engagement rings which weigh 69.42 carats was worn by Elizabeth Taylor, a gift from Richard Burton for their engagement day. Actress Katherine Heigl and Jessica Simpson also chose to have a pear shaped engagement ring.

Based on specialist jewelers, the perfect length-to-width proportions for this type of cut vary from 1.45 to 1.75. However it is usually changed in accordance with what the wearer would recommend. Just be careful due to the fact if it is turn out to be disproportionate, the shape won’t appear as elegant as it could be. Also, you could make sure that you will have a high quality diamond with this sort of cut. Pear shaped diamonds need a really skillful jeweler to cut the excellent shape while cutting a round shape diamond requirements only a fundamental information of cutting. Pear shaped engagement rings are normally set in a solitaire setting and it emphasize the distinctive shape with the stone. Usually, the stone is spot perpendicular to the band; this position will make the finger slimmer and far more elegant. Pear shaped stones are generally set in prongs but they can also be identified in numerous engagement ring settings.

The distinctive beauty of a pear shaped stone might be discovered in various engagement ring styles. Some have accent stones like that with the 3 ring setting; it may be round, marquise, or pear shaped accent stones. Cluster of stones encircling the center stone is really an elegant setting, ordinarily round stones are utilized to accentuate. Even the absence of surrounding stones, the center stone enclosed with metal patterns will surely add a stylish appeal to the ring. Antique style pear shaped engagement rings are also a perfect option if you are into vintage collection.

Acquiring a wedding ring that would complement the pear shaped engagement ring is a little tougher to be identified. And among the wedding tips would be to acquire a bridal set; a basic band that complement the curve of the pear shaped engagement ring will absolutely make the two rings to stand out.