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Engagement Rings of the Newly 2012 Engaged!

Lebron got “Down on Bended Knee” Boyz II Men style during his post birthday New Year’s eve party while Jim was definitely  more Meth & Mary You’re All I Need with his “So you wanna marry me huh?” approach. There’s been some heated debate surrounding whether or not Jim did it the “right way”. Personally, I found it very fitting to his personality and their relationship. I am not ashamed to admit that I got teary-eyed either!

But anyways – who really cares about how they were proposed to – lets talk about what they were proposed to with. What we really want to see are the RINGS!

Chrissy Teigen : Model and the future Mrs. John Legend. It appears to be a cushion cut in a simple setting with a simple band. It’s very delicate and feminine which is a perfect match to her personality.


Chrissy Lampkin: Soon to be Mrs. Jim Jones. I love her style, however I’m not totally in love with the ring. But it isn’t mine and I don’t have to wear it! I’m just happy to see Jim stepping up. I really dig Chrissy.

Savannah Brinson: Long time girlfriend and mother to Lebron James’ children – now she’ll share the same last name as everyone else in their household!