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The Highest Quality Diamond and Engagement Rings

Whether you are getting ready to propose to your special someone or you just want to give them a gift they will never forget, you need to know where to buy the highest quality diamond and engagement rings at the most affordable prices. There are quite a few different ways to go about shopping for rings. Some choose to go with a ring that is large, while others are more concerned with the cut or the color. If you want something unique, you should consider a Chocolate diamond engagement ring. The rich, brown colored diamond will surely turn heads.

There are also Yellow diamond rings for those that want a bright color. You can get them with a white gold band if you want the modern look or you can stick with the yellow gold color if you prefer the classic look. Some bands are bedazzled with smaller diamonds, while others are simple and don’t contain any. If you want the diamond to be a color but don’t want it to stand out too much, you might try a Blue diamond engagement ring. The gorgeous blue really looks fantastic against the yellow gold bands, and at certain angles you can’t even tell they’re not the standard clear colored diamonds.

Going through the right professionals to get your diamond and engagement rings is crucial. The best companies offer the most affordable prices for their high quality jewelry and will have a strong rating with the Better Business Bureau. They will have a commitment to providing the highest quality certified diamonds and even ship them to you via FedEx with no charge. Since the diamonds are certified, the best jewelers will have no problem offering a lifetime guarantee and a one year warranty. If a jeweler is not able to offer those things, you should run the other way.

There are plenty of places to get a Chocolate diamond engagement ring or a blue diamond engagement ring. However, if you go through a jeweler with excellent customer service that only provides the highest quality diamonds at the most affordable prices, your experience is going to be a lot better.

Secrets to Buying the Best Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are meant to be a once in a lifetime purchase, and as such, a lot of thought and care needs to be put into getting the perfect ring for your beloved.

In this post I will teach you the secrets of buying great diamond engagement rings, and what you should expect from a jewelry store.

  • The traditional amount spent on an engagement ring is supposed to be approximately one month’s salary. If you cannot afford a month’s salary, it’s a smart idea to choose a budget for your ring that fits you. Many payment plans are available for jewelry purchases, but for financial reasons, it’s best to pay the total amount due upfront.

  • It’s important to know how to judge the size, clarity, color and cut of a diamond.
    • Weight is measured in Carats, and most diamond engagement rings diamond weights begin around ? Carat. Different diamonds can be different sizes but the same weight. Why? Because many diamonds have imperfections that can add or remove stone density.
    • Clarity, when dealing with diamonds, is a major selling point. Diamonds marked “flawless” will have no specks of other minerals visible. Internally flawless diamonds only have flaws on the outside, and often can become flawless through careful polishing. Diamonds marked VVS, or VS have internal flaws that can be seen with a 10X microscope, but not with the naked eye. It’s best to avoid diamonds that are imperfect; those have visible flaws both inside and out.
    • Diamonds which are colorless are considered to be the most high-quality. The lowest quality diamonds on the market are yellow diamonds.
    • The three most popular cuts for diamonds are the step cut, the emerald cut, and the brilliant cut. Ask your jewelry expert which is the best for you!
  • When buying a diamond that has a yellowish hue, a gold ring will be much more forgiving than a silver or platinum ring.

  • Brilliant cuts are generally the least forgiving when it comes to clarity. Diamonds that are VS may not shine as brightly as others. Emerald cuts are a great option for diamonds that are in the VS or VVS category.
  • Buying an IF ring instead of a flawless ring might save a lot of money.
  • When searching for a jeweler who can be trusted with the task of choosing the best engagement ring for your budget, it’s important to ask others for their opinions. Many couples will happily tell you their buying experiences with diamond engagement ring sellers.
  • For people who are worried about the appraiser being reliable, honest, and good at his job, contacting the Better Business Bureau may help alleviate some of the fears.
  • If you feel like you might be overly pressured into buying a ring that you simply cannot afford, walk away from the jeweler. A reputable jeweler will listen attentively to both your aesthetic needs as well as your financial needs when choosing a ring.

  • Jewelers who are worth doing business with also will happily teach you the basics of choosing a ring. Ask them questions about anything that might confuse you. Great jewelers will show you the value of your future ring in every way possible, even if it includes schooling you on cut, clarity, and size.
  • A high karat gold ring which isn’t made of white gold will have a deep yellow tone to it. Commonly prized in almost every culture, this beautiful color will look wonderful on brides who have a golden skin tone.
  • Silver, platinum, and white gold often will look best on women who have cool (pink instead of golden skin tones) colors.
  • Lastly, do not get a giant ring for a small hand, or small ring for a large hand. Asking your jeweler for sizing help will be a request that you won’t soon regret.

Tom Moore is a blogger and internet marketer currently working for Brillianteers – Diamond Engagement Rings