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Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement is one of the most special occasions of your life and you want it to make memorable for many years to come. People plan for this occasion from many days before and want everything to be perfect especially your engagement ring. Engagement rings are one of the most precious pieces of jewelry. It is not a symbol of beauty but it is a symbol of your true love, commitment and trust. This is the reason that in engagement ceremonies couples prefers diamond rings because diamonds are considered as a symbol of love. Another reason of selecting diamond is that it can make your bond of love strong and pure as diamond.

best diamond engagement rings

The most important thing before purchasing diamond ring is to have knowledge of 4 C’S which help to find the ideal diamond. 4C’S are cut, color, carat and clarity. All these four factors are very important to determine the quality of diamond and secondly in the price of your ring. But the cut is the most important factor and you can find wide variety of shapes in diamond engagement rings. Among all the shape heart, emerald, round and radiant shape are very popular for engagement rings. But round shape is very popular and efficient cut because it gives the diamond best shine and brilliance. But if you want to make your proposal the most romantic moment of your life then you can take your love for a romantic dinner and ask her hand for marriage with heart shape diamond engagement ring. But before selecting the shape of your ring you must consider the personality and shape of your partner’s hand. Apart from shape you can find the ring in different metal, design, style, setting and size. Make sure that the ring you select must suit the personality of your lady.

Where Did An Diamond Engagement Ring Orginate From?

A diamond is thought to be the true expression of love. These dear stones are witness to the love between a person and girl and have their own stories to tell.

diamond engagement rings

The engagement day is assumed to be one of the most serious days of ones life. Wouldn’t you want to know more about the origin of this engagement ring convention. There are numerous positions on this, and one is that the first engagement rings was introduced in 1215 by Pope Trusting III, who wanted a longer waiting period between engagement and marriage, and as a sign a person and girl are awaiting wedding, the engagement ring was born.

In those times, gold and other metals were exploited by the common man and diamonds were utilized by the nobles for their engagement rings. Diamond engagement rings are regarded as as a symbol of love and a warranty of unity. Since diamonds are a girl’s best chums, they hold a special place in a lady’s heart and what smarter way than to start your life together by giving her a diamond engagement ring. Diamond engagement rings are available in a variety of shapes, colours, cuts for example. The cut of a diamond is crucial and that’s what gives the diamond its glean, finish, and brilliance of color and sharpness. The marquise cut makes the diamond look bigger and makes the fingers look longer and slim. The heart formed engagement ring is hot as an engagement ring, due to the heart shape, which speaks of love. Due to the length of the diamond, this will give a slimming effect to the fingers. Though the form of diamonds is completely an individual choice, the most liked are the round cut diamond engagement rings, as there are loads more styles available. These round engagement rings are available in varied metals like white gold, normal gold, and platinum.

They spell class and they are even a good buy for the kids today. With so many selections of diamond engagement rings in the market, it is so simple to get something to delight her and give her a life of joy. An portentous diamond engagement ring is claimed to inspire good fortune to the couple and see them thru their journey of life.

The gems are available in several shapes like round, marquise, heart, emerald, trillion, multi cut, pear, princess, oval for instance. In France and French talking states sometimes the marriage bands are made from 3 interwoven rings.