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A Guide to Buying Her an Engagement Ring

Women always say size doesn’t matter. Lies…

Well Ok, maybe that’s a little harsh.  They’re not really lying. What they really mean is, money doesn’t matter.  Size is the single biggest factor you should consider when shopping for an engagement ring.  Here’s why.  A big ring will make her feel special.  Every time she gets a compliment she’ll feel like a queen and she will get a lot of compliments.  Her friends will talk about her ring when the get together. Remember, the secret to making your girl happy is to make her friends insanely jealous.  The idea is to make here feel as special as she is, and she is special right?  

big stone diamond engagement ring

Ok tiger, (that’s right I just called you tiger) get ready, your gonna have to do a little investigating.

Find out what she likes

Men have a tendency to be pragmatic. We are presented with a problem and we try to find the fastest easiest soliton.  Fight the urge to just ask what she likes or to propose and take her ring shopping.  Don’t do it!  Whenever she looks at her ring you want her you want her to remember the time, thought, and effort you put in to buying it.  To find out what she likes, comment on other people’s jewelry of jewelry you see in the windows of stores.  She’ll not hesitate to tell you what she thinks and what she likes.  Stay away from rings though, she’ll se through you right away.  Comment on a necklace and say something like “This is nice, but I think it would look better in white gold.”.  Listen to what she says next because se’s about to tell you if she prefers white or yellow gold.


Size of diamonds is measured in carats.   Do not go smaller than 1.5 carats.  Seriously.  It really does matter.  Don’t worry if you don’t think you can afford it. We’ll get to where your going to save money later.


Colour of a diamond is measured by letters starting with D (the clearest) and moving down the alphabet.  A good range to shoot for in an engagement ring is the D-j range.  Any farther and the diamond starts to have a yellowish appearance.  The closer to J the cheaper the price.



Unless you have heard her say that she prefers a specific cut of diamond go with the round cut solitaire.  It is what most people think of in an engagement ring.


This may seem a little counter intuitive, but quality does not matter.  Buy as good a quality as you can afford.  This is where you are going to save huge amounts of money.  The only way that quality is going to matter is if she ever wants to sell it. No one will ever ask “what quality diamond is that?” they’ll always ask “how big is it?”  Online auction sites are great for finding rings in the I1 to I3 range. Many of these have been laser enhanced or fracture filled to make them look like a higher quality diamond.

If your thinking of saving money by getting a cubic zirconia or a diamonel ring go ahead, But first do this: slap yourself in the face as hard as you can, I’ll wait…alright done? Good.  This is what it’s going to feel like when she finds out you lied, and she will find out.

Make sure it fits!

This is also very important.  The first thing she is going to want to do is,  put her ring on, Not take it to get sized.  Do whatever you can to find out her ring size.  You could take one of the rings she wears on that finger of either hand and measure it.  If she doesn’t your probably stuck measuring her finger while she sleeps.  Make sure she’s asleep though or your going to have some explaining to do.  What I did is mention that I had a ring sized once a couple of years ago and the jeweler couldn’t believe my fingers were so skinny, only being a size 7 3/4.  Then she said “Hey we have the same size hands!” Bingo!

All said and done, I Paid $1200 for a 1.6 carat diamond solitaire.  Well worth it. Just the other day she was asked to take off her ring before taking our son into one of those inflatable bouncy castles.  She handed me the ring and gave me a smile.