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2013 Tacori Engagement Ring

With combine signature Tacori style along with your own aptitude for fashion with this diamond band, that includes a full carat of diamonds, each on the shoulders of the band and in beautiful crescent diamond accents.

Handcrafted in California, these remarkably elaborated rings and fine jewelry items become the dateless symbols of affiliation that be a part of people and generations. The gorgeous beauty Associate in Nursingd involution of every piece of Tacori jewelry is that the results of an unyielding passion for artisan ship.


The Tacorian family’s proud tradition of passion is expressed in everything they produce. Spanning four decades, Tacori engagement ring have consolidated classic class with fashionable inspiration, making a number of the world’s most extremely regarded and exquisite jewelry.

Every aspect of those dramatically lovely items reflects the fervor of the Tacori engagement rings family for making lovely heirlooms to be wanted for generations. This further attention to detail, personal skill, and gorgeous beauty, that transforms every Tacori style into a singular work of art, is understood because the Tacori bit.

The Tacori gift begins with Haig Tacorian, patriarch of the family, United Nations agency in 1969 left Europe to begin a replacement life within the u.  s.. In Calif., Haig and his married person Gilda devoted themselves to making fine jewelry with a novel and distinctive European aptitude.

Haig remains the daddy of the corporate, along with his son Paul and female offspring Nadine, additionally as many different Tacorian members of the family, all carrying on the family tradition of passion, quality, attention to detail and private client care.

Today, the care Tacori brings to each piece of jewelry is impressed by Haig’s original vision. Tacori not solely creates in an elaborate way crafted skilled worker jewelry, however conjointly upholds a family gift. Tacori’s signature style element is outlined by the distinctive style component of the crescent silhouette: interlocking half-moon arcs, which offer windows of sunshine to mirror the brilliance of the diamonds placed inside every crescent silhouette semi-circle.

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Picking the Right Engagement Ring

Let’s face it – when it comes to beautiful engagement rings there are huge amounts on the market, therefore making it extremely difficult to decide on which one to buy. There are traditional diamond ones, emerald rings, sapphire rings and everything in between and more and more people are looking to buy more unusual and less common designs. This willingness of people to try something new has led to more and more designs being produced by jewelers, who are simply trying to cater to the demand of the public.

The proliferation of different designs has raised one important question though, as people need to know exactly how to pick the most beautiful engagement rings possible. It is one thing going for beautiful, yet odd, designs, but it is another to make sure that they suit the person wearing them!

tacori solitare diamond engagement rings with pave halo

There are a number of different factors that need considering when trying to pick the most beautiful engagement rings, some of which are to do with the rings themselves, and others which regard the way that the person wears them. The primary focus for most people though is the stone that the engagement ring has, which doesn’t seem like a bad place to start. People often buy a ring with the biggest stones possible and while these might be the most beautiful engagement rings out there, the size of the stone often doesn’t suit someone with dainty hands. The same can be said for smaller stones, which often are not suited to those with larger fingers.

The stone – especially if it is diamond – should also be properly examined. The ring might look like one of the most beautiful engagement rings when it is in the cabinet, but what does it look like up close? A thorough examination could well reveal that the stone has some kind of imperfection or blemish, or that it has been damaged – something that will make the ring a lot less beautiful than originally thought! When buying really expensive diamonds, it is good practice to ensure that they have been verified by an authority on the subject, as this will be proof that they are perfect.

The final thing to think about when looking at the most beautiful engagement rings is the type of setting that is used. The setting can make a massive difference to how the ring looks when it is on the finger, and like the stone itself, the size of the setting often looks wrong on different hands. The moral of the story here is that all rings should be tried on before being bought – regardless of how beautiful they might look beforehand! There is no way to tell how a ring will look and feel before it has been placed over the finger.