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Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring

Typically, when you think of engagement rings, you conjure up the image of a single solitaire diamond on a band of gold or platinum. This is the most common of all engagement ring designs. However, if you are looking for a more unique and individual engagement ring for your soon to be fianc?, then take a peek at diamond trilogy engagements rings.

Diamond gold engagement rings

Trilogy engagement rings consist of three diamonds or other precious stones. The first time represents your past, the second is for the present and the third stone is for your future together. Diamond trilogy engagement rings would be perfect to give to your loved one to show how much you love and care for her and how much you want to share your life with her.

Diamond trilogy engagement rings often include another precious stone as the central stone. Sapphires and rubies in particular are favoured for the central piece on your diamond trilogy engagement ring. The central stone is sometimes slightly larger than the other precious stones so that it stands out from the rests and makes the ring look more unique.

Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring

Do you want to seal your promise of forever with your loved one with an engagement ring that will signify your love for her in the past, the present and the future? Then let the trilogy diamond engagement ring tell your story.
diamond engagement rings
Love stories are worth telling and recollecting and they are made to be remembered for the sake of recollection. They are bond to strengthen further relationships and therefore are signified usually not only with priceless gifts but also with band such as an engagement ring. What makes a trilogy diamond engagement ring very popular is that it carries the purpose like that of the anniversary rings. It is perfect especially for those who are sentimental with memories that are worth keeping.

The three diamonds are specifically designed and they are bounded to be different with other traditional rings. And the three stones are bound to be in the band with no other additional stones for accentuation. The three diamonds are enough to give the elegant factor of the engagement ring. The diamonds in this engagement ring have similar sizes and would carry a higher carat, adding to the expensive nature of the ring. The diamonds should be relatively big to give emphasis and identity of the trilogy diamond engagement ring. The suggested shapes usually would be round and princess shaped diamonds.

The arrangement of the three stones in the trilogy diamond engagement ring is also given emphasis. The diamond at the center is higher or elevated than the other stones to signify the present. Also the words past, present and future can be engraved in the band as well.

Then you may also consider having a plain wedding band right after to match the trilogy diamond engagement to give emphasis to the significance of the ring. It is like allowing the two rings to work hand in hand in the spirit of elegance and love.

Although the trilogy diamond engagement ring is said to be quite expensive compared to other engagement rings, the expense should not be the center of the reason why a woman should say yes to the proposal of marriage, but the effort of the man which gives high regard to the sentimental reasons behind the love story.