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Find the most perfect diamond engagement ring to satisfy her every desire.

Believe me when I tell you, I know how it feels to be in love with a person you find so special and want to be with forever. I am currently in a relationship with a wonderful woman who I had met one Saturday afternoon while selling diamonds. She had been visiting a friend here in N.Y.C. while she got lost on 47th St. I am convinced that people will always fall in love and will always want to mark this life’s most magical moment with an extraordinary diamond engagement ring .

perfect diamond engagement ring

I have been presenting diamond engagement rings to couples in love for a very long time now and always wondered when will it happen to me? It just so turns out that we had enjoyed a brief conversation together .We had made a connection at this magical moment of two people crossing one another’s paths through the not such a big world after all (N.Y.C.) After accepting an invitation from me in accompanying me for dinner, we had found out a lot about one another in such a short time. Well we only had so much time to get to know one another as it turns out she was from Germany. We had dated for two and a half years long distance, taking turns every three months. We are now currently together here in the United States and we are living very happily with one another. Believe me guys, I will be doing the same thing very soon and will be going through the very same process. Although it may be easier for me to purchase the most perfect diamond being that I am in the business, I will take care of you as well as if it were me sitting in that seat. That’s what I would want. I would want someone to show me the right way of finding the most perfect diamond ring for her. 


Diamonds are still the world’s greatest investment. The diamond remains the most treasured symbol of devotion, honor and strength. The diamond is forever, and therefore expresses the love between two people from celebrating anniversaries, your newborns birth, to an important promotion. Celebrate your special story with a diamond, she will love you forever!

How to Choose Your Perfect Engagement Ring

If you are planning on proposing to that special someone then you have a big decision ahead of you. There is always a bit of nervousness that comes with this life changing event and that is completely normal. You want everything to be perfect and above all else, you need the timing to work with the big question. But in order to do this you need the perfect engagement ring. This can be some tricky business for those that have not ventured into this realm before and it is hard to trust the work on commission sales clerks at the jewelry store to say the least. There are a few rules of thumb that you should follow to make the process a bit easier.

perfect engagement rings

The perfect engagement ring should cost an equal amount to three months salary. This may sound like a bit much but that is the way that it has been for quite a while now. This comes from the diamond cartels that control the market and they know how to price a diamond. So in essence, if you make $1000 a month then the engagement ring that you select should cost around $3000. Of course you should always go with what you can afford and it is not a good idea to go into a marriage with a huge credit card bill from the purchase, so make a responsible decision but remember that this is a one time deal.

The perfect engagement ring should also reflect upon the person wearing it as well. If the person that you are purchasing it for prefers gold then you should not go with silver or platinum. You do not want something that will stand out or look bad on the persons finger to say the least. Also you want to make sure that the quality of the metal is good. There are some handsome looking rings floating around that are actually poorly made and the last thing that you want is some thing that will fall apart before the big day.

Be very aware of the cut and clarity of the stone. The size does not matter as much as the quality of the diamond in question. If you have a large stone that is extremely flawed then you have one of the worst bargains in the world. Make sure that you are getting only the best quality for the money that you are spending.