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2013 Tiffany Engagement Rings

2013 Tiffany Engagement Rings.

What does a June Bride really means? Aside from being a bride on the month of June, I heard it has something to do with Juno the goddess of marriage. It is said that getting married on June should bring luck. I’m not married yet but personally I think that marriage requires hard work more than luck. Having said that, the month of June still puts me in a daydream mood of wedding bells, bride’s dresses, and of course the Tiffany engagement ring, and where else would a girl look at other than Tiffany & Co. 

Pink Tiffany engagement rings

Fancy Pink Purplish Diamond Tiffany Engagement Ring

2013 tiffany engagement ring 

Diamond Tiffany Engagement Ring

These brilliant pink Tiffany engagement rings are probably my dream rings. Pink is after all one of my favorite colors. It would be nice to shift off a little bit from the usual pure white diamond rings.

2013 Soleste Diamond Tiffany engagement Ring

Still there are days when I’d like to pick a pure white magnificent diamond ring over the colored rings. There’s something about its simplicity and brilliance that makes it so elegant.

Grace and Flower Diamond Tiffany engagement ring

Aquamarine Diamond Tiffany Engagement Ring

Another factor to consider in picking an engagement ring, is how big it should be. Naturally a girl would love to get a big diamond Tiffany engagement ring. But we also must consider if it will suit our lifestyle. For example a woman with an active lifestyle might prefer a simpler and smaller ring. If I were to choose smaller rings I’d pick the Tiffany Grace princess cut diamond ring or the simplest among them all the Tiffany Flower Ring.
Aquamarine Diamond Tiffany Engagement Ring
Ever since I watched Mr. Big gave Carrier Bradshaw a black diamond ring in Sex And The City, I’ve always wondered how girls feel about getting black diamonds as engagement rings.  It’s magnificent and indeed very unique but is it something girls prefer to get on their engagement day? Or perhaps this blue aquamarine and diamond ring. They made one similar to it for Tiffany’s Anniversary. Which one is your favorite?

2013 Tiffany engagement rings collection

How to shopping for an antique engagement ring.

Lots of the people who are getting wed nowadays are selecting either an antique or antique style engagement ring. Many times couples want this design style for their ring as it gives them something that is long-lasting and classy just like their relationship. Other times couples are just inspired by the romance and intricate designs found in antique jewelry. Antique styles of engagement rings are lovely artistic endeavors that show the style and sophistication of those who sport them.

ntique engagement ring

When looking for an antique style engagement ring you’ll have numerous different choices. Each different era will have its own unique look and design and you will have to determine which one is the best fit for your character. Jewels from the Victorian age can either be straightforward or quite intricate. Some pieces will include a diamond with an Old Mine or Old EU cut diamond whereas others will contain a row of smaller diamonds set among complicated metal work. The metal most often used for Victorian era engagement rings is yellow or rose gold. The Victoria time saw the first introduction of the Tiffany diamond solitaire which has become the standard for loads of engagement rings in our day.

In the early twentieth century white gold and platinum became more popular . Intricate filigree designs are a hallmark of the Edwardian style engagement rings. Filigree is a technique where the craftsman pierces the metal to make a complex open design. Rings for the Art Deco period regularly used geometric shapes with smaller diamonds set in steps along the sides of a focal point stone. During the 1930s and 1940s engagement rings regularly featured romantic feminine carvings and classy patterns.

When shopping for an antique engagement ring it is vital to make certain it is in good condition. Keep in mind that this ring will be worn all the time. This is the reason why so many people are opting to purchase antique style engagement rings instead. With a brand new ring you get the look of an antique without the worries about its state.