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2013 Tiffany Engagement Rings

2013 Tiffany Engagement Rings.

What does a June Bride really means? Aside from being a bride on the month of June, I heard it has something to do with Juno the goddess of marriage. It is said that getting married on June should bring luck. I’m not married yet but personally I think that marriage requires hard work more than luck. Having said that, the month of June still puts me in a daydream mood of wedding bells, bride’s dresses, and of course the Tiffany engagement ring, and where else would a girl look at other than Tiffany & Co. 

Pink Tiffany engagement rings

Fancy Pink Purplish Diamond Tiffany Engagement Ring

2013 tiffany engagement ring 

Diamond Tiffany Engagement Ring

These brilliant pink Tiffany engagement rings are probably my dream rings. Pink is after all one of my favorite colors. It would be nice to shift off a little bit from the usual pure white diamond rings.

2013 Soleste Diamond Tiffany engagement Ring

Still there are days when I’d like to pick a pure white magnificent diamond ring over the colored rings. There’s something about its simplicity and brilliance that makes it so elegant.

Grace and Flower Diamond Tiffany engagement ring

Aquamarine Diamond Tiffany Engagement Ring

Another factor to consider in picking an engagement ring, is how big it should be. Naturally a girl would love to get a big diamond Tiffany engagement ring. But we also must consider if it will suit our lifestyle. For example a woman with an active lifestyle might prefer a simpler and smaller ring. If I were to choose smaller rings I’d pick the Tiffany Grace princess cut diamond ring or the simplest among them all the Tiffany Flower Ring.
Aquamarine Diamond Tiffany Engagement Ring
Ever since I watched Mr. Big gave Carrier Bradshaw a black diamond ring in Sex And The City, I’ve always wondered how girls feel about getting black diamonds as engagement rings.  It’s magnificent and indeed very unique but is it something girls prefer to get on their engagement day? Or perhaps this blue aquamarine and diamond ring. They made one similar to it for Tiffany’s Anniversary. Which one is your favorite?

2013 Tiffany engagement rings collection

The History of Solitaire Engagement Rings

The engagement ring has changed forms throughout the ages, but what has remained the same is the indication of a special betrothal, vow, partnership and bond.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

While early engagement rings were simple gold, iron, bronze or silver bands, as gemstones and precious metals become more accessible to the masses, the engagement ring evolved.

Today, the most popular engagement ring style of all is the solitaire diamond engagement ring. But how did this particular style suddenly become the standard, traditional engagement ring design after centuries of various gemstone and metal designs?

You might be surprised to learn that the solitaire diamond engagement ring with the six prong setting we have all come to love is a rather modern invention. In fact, while diamond and gemstone engagement rings had been growing in popularity since the late 1400s, they were typically quite extravagant, with intricate metal work and multiple gemstones.

It was only in the late 1800s that the solitaire diamond engagement ring came into its own.  In the 1870s, new and plentiful diamond deposits were discovered in South Africa.  This large quantity of rough stones coupled with the new technology generated by the Industrial Revolution lead to huge leaps in diamond cutting technology and made the solitaire diamond ring more appealing and more accessible.

It was in 1886 that Tiffany introduced the six-pronged platinum setting, now known as the Tiffany setting.  It was this setting that brought the solitaire diamond engagement ring into the spotlight and it was this setting that kept it there.