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Black Diamond Engagement Rings Princess Cut

The latest betrothal trend is stunning black diamond engagement rings. Black diamonds, found only in diamond fields in Central Africa and Brazil, are among the rarest and oldest diamonds in the world– a perfect metaphor for the uniqueness of your love!

Black diamonds look especially stunning in non-traditional metals like titanium and white gold (or both). For many years black diamonds were out of fashion, as they are even harder than regular diamonds and require extreme skill and precision to make them into jewels.


Although diamonds are found all over the world, black diamonds are only found in two relatively small regions. And in fact, due to the similarities in the bedrock in both Brazil and Central Africa, geologists think that they might have been the same region at the time that the diamonds in them were formed.

An even more far-out theory is that the reason that black diamonds are only found in such a tiny area is that they were a part of an asteroid that struck the earth — meaning that the black diamonds in those areas represent all the black diamonds on earth, ever.

In any event, black diamonds are extremely old; geologists estimate between 2.6and 3.8 billion years old (conventional diamonds might be a mere billion years old.)


Black diamonds are black because, unlike conventional diamonds which have a single-crystal structure that easily refracts light, black diamonds are made of many thousands of crystalline structures, all smooshed tightly together in one extremely hard package (only a black diamond can cut another black diamond).

Because they cannot refract light, black diamonds are generally cut in round- or cushion-cut shapes so that the deep black color can be more easily admired. If you want a unique, out-of-this-world symbol of your love, you can’t go wrong with a black diamond engagement ring.

2011 Rings Trend – Tension Set Engagement Rings

In recent years, a new breed of engagement rings came to rise and gained more popularity as it quickly became an alternative to traditional type of engagement rings. These rings are crafted using a process known as tension setting and usually makes use of diamonds set in an opening in the ring itself. Although other kinds of precious stones can be used in this kind of setting, however the use of diamonds gained more popularity as opposed to other gemstones.

Nonetheless, it is notable that a good number of renowned jewelers agree into saying that the tension set engagement rings have their own share of bane and boons.

The Boons of Tension Set Rings

Due to the fact that tension set engagement rings are exquisitely designed and are strikingly beautiful, there should be no doubt that they can easily attract attention to themselves. They come in gold, titanium, platinum and white gold and in every possible style and designs imaginable. In addition, only tension setting can deliver that kind of contemporary modern look in which many conventional settings fail on. For a great number of people who had never seen a tension set engagement ring before, they often wonder and find it an enigma how on earth that the stone being used in it perfectly stays in its place without anything to hold it there. Thus, when you go to a social gathering people who see your ring can’t help themselves but talk about it and ask you questions about the ring.

Compared to other channel set stones wherein the stones can be easily lost as they easily get loose, tension set engagement rings became even more renowned for its ability to retain the set stones intact. Jewelry makers for this kind of setting often assert that the set stones won’t budge from their place thus will never be lost. This actually stirred controversy and debate among the big wigs of the jewel industry but truth remains this cannot be said of the traditional channel set rings.

The Bane of Tension Set Rings

Just like anything else in this world, nothing considered to be good can also be said to be perfect. Tension set engagement rings has its own share of banes, too. One of these would be resizing. It would be a great challenge for a jeweler if he is asked to resize this kind of ring. Reason being is that when resizing is done, he would need to change the overall shape of the ring, thus it will influence the thickness of the ring and this will have a dramatic effect on the amount of tension it will have  to hold and support the set stone. As the ring itself is intended to be used forever, this will be troubling for the owner whether he would opt to have the ring resized and consequently face greater risk of chance that the stones can get loose and be lost or not to resize it all. It is not a rocket science for anyone to understand that as we grow older and our bodies mature with age, so does our ring size. We may lose or gain weight as we become older, thus it should not come as a surprise that we could have a different ring size when we hit the age of 45 compared to when we were just 25 years old.

While there are strong claims on the side of the jewel makers themselves that this kind of stone setting is very dependable and reliable because the stone settings are not movable, there are a few of these jewelers as well who say that they have been approached before by some clients who own a tension set ring and have lost some of the diamonds. These stories leave no room to have a final verdict now with regard to whether or not a tension set ring could be considered way better than those of conventional ring settings.

One final thing that could be considered as a major drawback for a tension set ring, and this one mainly concerns jewelry makers themselves. Keith Farley is a renowned jeweler who actually posted on Inform website that a tension set ring owner will have no hard time at all in removing a diamond stone from a tension set ring. It is notable that these ring owners who have claimed to have lost a diamond stone or two from their tension set ring still have their rings under warranty, wherein in any instance that they lost a stone used in their tension set ring will be replaced by the makers in gratis.