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Two type of antique engagement ring.

There are two major varieties of rings that you can choose if you purchase an antique engagement ring.

You can choose beautiful engagement rings  from an antique ring designs. The main difference here in between the two rings is that an antique engagement ring is generally sold and made nearly 50-60 years ago while an estate antique engagement ring design was planned and sold about less than 50 years ago. That’s a little difference but you will find that about all rings from that period are called as an antique engagement ring. If you want a special design then you can inquire and find with dealers to get the special design that you are expecting. There are various styles that are in vogue at the time like Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco and even silly weird designs that were specially designed for a particular customer of the period.

There are many things that you have to remember when buying an antique engagement ring like the stones and the settings. Please remember that the stone cannot bear the ravage of the time. You must verify the clarity, purity and the strength of the stone before you purchase the antique engagement ring. Please remember too that hued stones are actually maleable and they tend to wear away really easily.

What you should do is to find an independent valuation of the ring prior to purchasing it and then get a certificate of the authenticity of the antique engagement ring before buying it.

Jewelers also create designs that appear like an antique engagement ring but they are actually clever copies of the antique engagement ring design. You will get quality stones but the jeweler will attempt to charge you extra for the setting and the history of the fraudulent antique engagement ring.

Choosing from the many trendy engagement rings

Original and improved systems and design detailing are mixed to create contemporary engagement rings. The finest materials are used to make these wonderfully modern rings. They give the ideal look to that stylish and fashionable young bride or a bride who is young at heart. When you begin your hunt for a contemporary engagement ring you may find a big selection of styles and settings.

Trendy engagement rings

One style icon that is forever in vogue is the diamond solitaire. This style which gained notoriety though Tiffany remains the most frequently chosen setting. These rings include a solitary gem and an easy prong setting and are simple but stunning. These rings can be made to fit a good range of budgets depending on the stone and setting that you choose.

While yellow gold remains popular, platinum can add some class to your setting. The look of platinum and white gold are reinforced when coloured gem stones are used. It is starting to become increasingly popular for ladies to use colo red gem stones in the setting of their engagement ring.

If you have a narrow budget think about using chips of semi-precious gems which have been put on a white gold band. You might also want to consider a princess cut crystal for you ring. Those with complex personalities might be drawn to the ever changing opal. The colours found in several gem stones are the ideal complement to the persona and style of the bride. Virtually any credible jeweler will be ready to sell you an engagement ring in a new style which shows off your qualities.

Pick a jeweler who has been recommend to you and is famous for wonderful service along with quality. Ask any prospective jeweler to see a representation of their work so you can get an idea of the work they produce. Ask the jeweler for a written evaluation of the ring you select so you are able to add it to your insurance policy.