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Cartier engagement rings

Jewelry items have always played an important role as fashion accessories; not only for women, but even men have made different uses with the different jewelry items. One jewelry item which has gained immense popularity, regardless of gender and culture is the finger ring. Rings are available for many different purposes and in a wide array of styles and designs. One popular tradition of using the rings is for engagement purpose. In almost all the popular cultures in the world, people use engagement rings to show their bond of relation and love before their marriage.

cartier engagement ring

Cartier engagement rings are available in an extended range of styles and designs. They introduce new designs every next month so that the customers do not buy the same rings that they saw their relatives or friends wearing months back. Every couple wants to but rings that are beautiful and unique; this purpose is well served by the rings offered by Cartier.

The company offers rings made of different metals such as gold, silver and platinum. The gold rings are available in two categories; yellow gold rings and white gold rings. You can find these rings in thin and thick bands (depending on what you like to buy or wear as your engagement ring). Thin bands are mostly chosen by women while men mostly go with thick bands.

Apart from plain engagement bands, there are also the ones with studded gemstones like emeralds and diamonds and the ones with engraved names of the couple and messages for them such as ‘never-ending love’ and so on. There is also an option for choosing the shape of the ring; square, round, oval and rectangle are some of the shapes available in an extended range of engagement rings.

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings Still Popular Trend

One of the most constant engagement ring trends of the moment is the Asscher cut engagement ring. In fact, almost 1 bride in 3 in the United States is opting for a square diamond featuring the Asscher cut. These diamonds offer a timeless vintage feel without looking old fashioned. The square cut adds symmetry to a setting and the diamond can be set alone or surrounded with smaller diamonds for extra sparkle and blind.

lasered asscher cut diamond engagement ring

The Asscher cut is also sometimes known as a modified cushion cut, or a square emerald cut. The distinctive feature of this sophisticated cut is the square shape with corners cut deeply to look like an octagon. The Asscher cut has been patented by the Asscher family, and every genuine Asscher diamond will display the patent lasered on the stone. (This is not visible to the naked eye.)

Asscher cut diamonds need to be of a higher clarity and color, as the cut of the diamond means that any visible flaws are far more easily visible to the naked eye. This means that Asscher diamonds will cost more than some other diamonds of the same carat weight. Asscher cut diamonds tend to look best when set in white metal, but in this day and age any look and style is encouraged. Due to the cut of these diamonds they give off a startling depth when looking into them.

History of Asscher diamonds:

The Asscher cut was originally designed in 1902, and fast became very popular in the 1920’s, suiting the art deco engagement rings perfectly. The Asscher cut got an overhaul in 2001, adding 16 extra facets to the original cut to increase the sparkle factor. This new improved design has been repatented and is apparently harder to copy.

Celebrity engagement rings featuring Asscher cuts:

  • Jessica Alba’s engagement ring features a 5 carat Asscher diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. The shank is encrusted with smaller diamonds for a luxurious, timeless and elegant look.
  • Ashley Simpson-Wentz also has a 4 carat Asscher diamond engagement ring. Ashlee’s center stone has a band of smaller diamonds around it, accentuating the square cut. The band is set with small but sizable diamonds for a substantial feel.
  • Elizabeth Hurley selected a generous 15 carat Asscher cut diamond for her stunning diamond engagement ring. Ms Hurley opted to finish the look with pave diamonds set into the white metal (platinum?) band.

Asscher cut engagement rings can be a great selection for the bride who loves vintage style engagement rings with an elegant or contemporary twist. These diamond engagement rings can be stunning with just a central stone, or can be set with additional pave diamonds surrounding the center stone. Another alternative is to allow the center stone to shine on its own and have a pave set band for an extra lift. Asscher diamond engagement rings can also make for a great investment.