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Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphire’s versatility is irresistible. This fabulous precious stone jewelry makes a woman look super fab and ostentatious in an aristocratic way. Now this is not what I claim. Actually try to wonder, what makes the media machines keep humming?

sapphire engagement ring

Apart from the glam news and peep shows of the personal lives of celebs, their lifestyle and looks too, make a big part of the publicity pie chart of the ‘tweeters’.

Commonality too, prefers sapphire engagement rings to be amongst their favs. All this description indicates completely about the much celebrated sapphire engagement rings in season.

sapphire engagement ring

Abundantly colored and hued sapphire engagement rings are available for you to get hitched up.

So in the process of getting married in that nice sweet chapel, slip that pretty looking, sparkling darling on her fingers. Moreover, let her enjoy the marital bliss by enjoying every boastful look towards her cherished sapphire rock!

Selection of 20 geeky wedding rings

1. Pistol Ring

gun ring

A really wonderful ring! It makes me think if it really works like a real pistol. But, lo and behold, it comes with small bullets. So, it functions like a pistol, but, of course, the bullets are small enough to keep you from facing any real damage. Still, it is thrilling to have a loaded gun on your finger, isn’t it?


2. Bone Ring

bone rings

It is easy to find people who always opt for the unique things, even if they are buying a ring. If you are one of those, get this Bone Ring, as there is nothing more unique than your own DNA. These rings are actually made of a person’s bone tissue. Artists and scientists have joined forces to produce this wonderful ring. A tissue is taken from your wisdom tooth and then used to make a ring. Really unique, isn’t? But, unfortunately, the original company website is not functional.


3. Male and female serial plug rings

mac rs4222 plug rings

Now you the bride and groom can connect on an even deeper level with these Mac RS422-plugs.


4. Vacuum Tube Ring

vacuum tube ring

Fans of the old TV can enjoy this ring with a vacuum tube set in sterling silver.


5. Karma Sutra Ring

sex rings

Spice up the wedding night thanks to the ideas from these karma sutra style wedding rings.


6. Grow your own ring



This ring is nothing less than a blessing for all nature lovers. This Growing Ring allows people to have their finger close to the nature. Actually, this ring comes with a plant in it. Though it is not clear what plant it really is, it is similar to grass or moss. But, that doesn’t matter a lot. What matters the most is that this ring allows you to grow a plant, and you have to water it sometimes. The good thing is that watering this plant is not a big task, as it can be accomplished just by putting your ring under the faucet. If you are a nature lover, you will surely appreciate the idea of wearing some nature on your finger. And, yes, don’t worry about the uniqueness, because all plants will grow differently.


7. Mood Rings


This ring comes with a stone and you can see a change in color with a change in your mood.

Of all these different shades, the top one is violet and the last is black. Here’s a little more about these colors.

  • violet blue – cheerful, romantic

  • blue – cool, comfortable

  • green – normal, nothing much is happening with you

  • yellow/amber – confused, energized

  • brown/gray – anxious, concerned

  • black – damaged ring or cold temperature

It is worth mentioning that these mood rings have been used in a recent research to get an idea of the extent of neurological damage a solider may experience in a battle. There is a lot of promise in this research, and if things continue to move according to plan, you will see color crystals on military uniform that will be used instead of conventional badges. It is supposed that an instant color change after a severe blast will help others know that a solider is in need of immediate medical attention.


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8. Never Forget Your Anniversary

remember rings

The use of patent pending Hot Spot™ technology in the Remember Ring™ is a great way of remembering your anniversary, as it lets you know that it is the same time of the year. The interior surface of this ring will warm up to 120 F for no more than 10 seconds. The process will start 24 hours before the ‘big day’, and you will experience this interior to keep warming up every hour. The great thing is that the ring produces enough heat to make you notice what it wants to remind you, but it is not hot enough to do any damage to your skin.


9. Google Vanity Rings

google vanity ring

This is an electronic ring and lets a wearer know about the number of Google hits when someone searches for the wearer’s name. All you need to get an updated figure is put this Vanity Ring into the docking station. It means you will see a change in your popularity on daily basis. And, there will always be a chance to acquire the Master of the Universe status, even if your current rating is not too good.


10. Binary Ring

binary ring

Binary Ring is for those are interested in a simple, yet sophisticated ring. It comes with a message, “A Marriage of Values”, but you can personalize it with your own message that will be placed in computer code, i.e. the binary codes.


11. Nut and Bolt Ring

nut and bolt ring

This is a perfectly designed ring for the gearhead. Kiley Granberg, who is a student and an artist at the Alberta College of Art and Design, is the creator of this Nut and Bolt Ring. Have a look at it, you will love it!


12. Fingerprint Ring

fingerprint ring

A perfect keepsake of your friendship and love! Get a pattern of your friend’s fingertips on this hallmark silver band and it will become a precious item of your life.


13. Periodical Ring

geeky rings

Are you searching for something unique in jewelry? How about getting a periodic table themed ring? This Periodical Ring can be bough in gold, silver and platinum. All these rings come with a atomic number of that metal along with its weight. You can get these rings in sizes 7, 8, 9. In terms of price, silver is the cheapest as it asks for $205. Platinum is the most expensive one with $6,500, and gold (14K yellow) is in the middle with $2,200.


14. USB ring

usb rings

I really find it confusing why it is important for a groom to give her bride an engagement ring with a supper expensive rock. I think it is better to find something that is more real and practical. That’s exactly where this USB ring comes into picture with a bang. This amazing USB engagement ring allows you to download nice content on your drive. If you have this ring, you can always load a picture of groom proposing you while on his knees. With this picture on your ring, you can easily show it to all your friends with a laptop. Really, it is great to have this highly functional and useful USB ring.



15. Tennis Ring

tennis ball rings

Fans of tennis can share their love with balls from their favourite sport. The fabric outer is likely to get very smelly if they get worn every day!


16. Donut Ring

Dohnut rings

Wow! Even you will exclaim with wonder after dropping a look at this Donut Ring. Beautifully topped with blueberry glaze, it is stylish, and looks tasty too!


17. Steak Ring

steak ring hand


It might look odd, but it is unique and quite impressive too. This Steak Ring allows you to turn a few heads, and that’s mainly due to a ’steak’ of sterling silver. This hand carved steak comes with pearlescent red resin that adds to its grace. The face of this ring is around 1? x 7/8?.


18. Coffee Ring

coffee cup ring

Oh, so you are a coffee freak. Well, here is the perfect ring for you, Coffee Ring. This adjustable ring comes with a coffee cup, a cute spoon, and a ceramic saucer. Diameter of this ring is about an inch and height is around half an inch from your finger. The great thing is that the coffee cup comes with a coffee inside. So, go have a sip!



19. Crayon Ring


This Crayon Ring comes in sets of 8. The availability of washable crayons and 8 count crayon colours makes it even more attractive.


20. Cat 5 Ethernet Ring


A perfect ring for all the geeks out there! Cat 5 Ethernet Ring serves a great wedding ring for brides and can be found in four opaque colors, including white, black, turquoise, and orange. Amazingly transparent rings are also available for men.