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Expensive and trendy – designer engagement rings

Designer products are always in high demand due to its high quality, individuality and superiority . There are many renowned designers of engagement rings from different countries. Its rings are unique and beautiful.

Robbins Bros., Tacori, Zales, Cartier, Tiffany, Ritani – are the most popular names in this category.

Robbins Bros. is a company that specializes in engagement rings and wedding along with the gifts and accessories. They have been in business since 1920 and have never disappointed its customers. According to them, giving someone a ring is the most meaningful and delightful express your love.

Keeping this in mind that create lovely rings to be exchanged for two people who love their commitment. You will find styles of rings, such as solitary classic sidestones ring, three stone, and the promise of the Rings in this category. Metals such as platinum, palladium, white gold and yellow gold are used to meet the requirements of a wide range of customers.

Tacori is another popular name in the category of designer engagement rings. In addition to the ladies and men wedding bands and rings can also find bridal accessories and other fine jewelry Tacori.

The rings are one-of-a-kind and very beautiful. Each Tacori ring craftsmanship with the finest of diamonds and metal frames of high quality. No wonder their rings for a lifetime. You can also find matching bracelets, earrings and necklaces in this shop. Do not forget to check out the men’s collection to locate an elegant piece for the man in your life.

When it comes to engagement rings unique and amazing, who can forget the name of Cartier? The French jeweler and watchmaker creates lovely rings commitment in all styles and designs. If you are looking for a ring of luxury and completely beautiful for your partner, do not check this amazing collection.

The ring of promise for women by Cartier is unique and dazzling. The materials used are de Cartier platinum, yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and tri-gold. The tri-and gold wedding bands Participation can also be selected for men. These rings are complemented by small diamonds paved in different colors like pink, yellow and white.

While speaking engagement rings on the remarkable and totally elegant, by Ritani rings are noteworthy. Besides the class rings for women you can also find men classic, modern and diamond bands in this shop. Bezel diamond ring set in platinum are truly magnificent.

You can Ritani find several collections in the category of the rings as “Endless Love”, Classic, Bella Vita, Modern, and Ritani Setting. If you are looking one and only one ring, you can not see the 18k white gold and .45 carat diamond ring logo Ritani fashion.

What You Need to Know When Buying an Engagement Ring?

Now whether you have decided to pick out a ring before you pop the question or you have already become engaged and let her choose her perfect ring, this is a big step on your way to the altar. For some this is a daunting task. The worries of what shape of ring, the perfect setting, the type of metal, and looking for the perfect diamond without bleeding your bank account dry are compounded with the thought “I hope she likes this enough to wear it for the rest of her life”. The act of buying the perfect ring should not be daunting and stressful, this is a happy time that should be celebrated. A little knowledge goes a long way and can help you, whether you are buying the ring on your own or as a couple, have one less this to worry about before your big day.


Where do I go?

best engagement ringNow that you have a few ideas of what to look for (or you have her best friend and/or mother in tow) where would you go to look for a ring? There are a few choices, each with their own pros and cons. You can go to a department store (Sears, JCPenny’s), a chain specialty jewelry store (Kays, Zales), or your local jeweler. (There are internet shopping opportunities also, but to me it seems a little shady and when making a purchase like this you may want to see the ring with your own eyes.) Go ahead and take a look at what each has to offer. Each place will differ in styles available and in price ranges.

The department store Fine Jewelry counter is a good place to start and you may find the perfect engagement ring there. Typically there is a bridal section where all the rings considered bridal are grouped together in categories- some come as a set with the wedding band, some come alone so you can purchase a wedding band at a later date. There’s usually a section for solitaires and a section for the pricier rings. There is good selection of styles to choose from if you’re going for a more traditional look, but if you’re not looking for something everybody would have you may be disappointed by the selection. 
Don’t be afraid to ask the salesperson to see the ring or any questions you may have. Most of the salespeople have to go through a training course that gives them knowledge about all of the jewelry behind the counter, so they should be able to give you the answers you need. Ask about the 4 C’s (which we’ll cover later in the article so you know what the salesperson is saying), a diamond certificate, and a care plan for the jewelry. The care plan is important since it will cover any repairs necessary at no cost to you (except for the purchase of the plan, but in some cases it can come free) and free inspections and cleanings to maintain the ring for a lifetime. You may not think this is important and just fluff to get a little more money out of you in some cases, but repairs can add up over time- along with cleanings and setting inspections. All of which can prevent you from losing the stone, which most companies will only replace once under the plan, but it’s better than putting out money for a new diamond. That can cost you more than the ring itself in some cases. 
The price range at the department store are better than some places, you can usually come across a sale that will get you a ring up to half off of the ticket price. Just be weary of the quality of the stone and whether or not a certificate comes with the ring. There may be a good price for a ring there, but you do get what you pay for. A $100 diamond ring will be what it’s worth in most cases, and you may be disappointed by what you see. In rare cases you’ll come across a beautiful ring that’s going for a price that’s a steal, but don’t hold your breath. On another note, not all rings will come with a certificate, which tells you everything you need to know about the ring. You may want one for appraisal and insurance reasons if you’re going for a ring that’s $800 or up, that way if anything were to happen to the ring, you will get the equal value back.